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This might not belong on these forums, given it’s more to do with level 5 than it is to do with Nintendo themselves, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask here.

Lately, the Professor Layton series caught my eye, and it seems pretty interesting. I want to play the games, but I heard that you have to play them in order of release, given that they’re all one coherent story. However, I can’t actually find copies for the DS anymore. However, I found out that the first three games were ported to mobile.

I was wondering if any Layton fans here would be able to tell me if the mobile ports are worth the asking price or not. Would I be better off trying to track down the games on DS, or should I just purchase the ports instead? The ports are going for 29.99 bundled, with eqch being 9.99 each.

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You can find the DS/3DS games cheap as chips 2nd hand on ebay and are a better experience than the mobile games.

The games are standalone, it's best to play them in order but it doesn't matter really. Avoid the last one though as it was pish!

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