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Time has an interview with Tetsuya Takahashi on XC2:

Lots of interesting tidbits in the article, including at the end where he's asked about porting XCX to the Switch. Personally I would like to see a port, seeing that the cartridge might improve loading speeds of the game, and maybe they can throw in an increased font size.

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...this is my most anticipated game for Switch...

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It's with Tetsuaya Takahashi, the game director. Nomura's just a character designer.

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Can't wait for XC2. I have yet to complete both games since I ended up getting a new game while playing both games, and then playing the new game instead of the other game. It's a bad habit of mine, I have way to many games unfinished because of this. That said, I'm trying to complete unfinished games at the moment, and hope to finish XC1 before XC2 comes out (after finishing BotW). If XCX does get ported to Switch I'll trade in my Wii U copy and get the Switch copy instead.

I definitely enjoyed what they showed of XC2 on E3, and it'll definitely be on my list for the holidays. Of course, Mario Odyssey is as well, so I may have switch back and forth between the games.

I wouldn't mind seeing some of the online features of XCX return, but since this is more of a sequel to XC1 I'd understand if that doesn't happen. In XCX I actually went out of my way to do the missions that showed up in the bottom right corner of the interface (I forget what they were called).

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@OfNullAndVoid I have the same problem! I have a few games that I'm thinking of just restarting because I've left them so long.

I would be happy if they ported XCX to the switch, however I don't see having any additions or improvements. That isn't that big of a problem though as I think the game still looks pretty decent, especially if it was on the switch's screen and the original isn't light on content as it is.

We'll have to wait and see once Monolith has finished XC2...



@Kimyonaakuma I think the main improvements would probably be the loading times, since it'll be on cartridge, and probably some graphical improvements. One thing that I remember being noticeable about the game were the pop-ups, and Digital Foundry also showed that here and there low-res textures don't change until you're very close to them. Those would likely be some of the improvements they'd make. Also, maybe they'll do something about the small fonts.

One thing I remember for XCX was the sound coming from the Wii U's drive once I got the flight module for the skells. The poor drive sounded like it was dying. Fortunately I decided to use an external drive to download the assets and alleviate the strain on it, but I don't think I'll ever forget those sounds.

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The loading times should be improved if they can fit it on a cartridge. The original game was just over 32GB with the data packs included. If they improve any of the textures (hopefully) and maybe improve some of the models the file size will be even larger, which will make the game's file size the largest for any switch game so far. Seeming as switch cartridges seem to be expensive to manufacture it makes me wonder if they would go the same route as the original and put data packs on the eshop.

I never had the game on the Wii U's internal drive so I never had that problem (It sounds scary though!). It should be a little quieter on switch anyway if the game is running from a cartridge or SD card instead of a disc. I don't own a switch yet so I don't know how loud the fan is but I'm guessing that it will be quieter than the Wii U(?).

I would expect it to run like Wii U version or maybe slightly better in portable mode but I'm not so sure how much of an improvement there would be when docked. I will wait and see how XC2 is before making my predictions for the docked version seeming as they seem to use the same engine and development tools.


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