Topic: Nintendo Direct 1/27/15 LEAK?

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This is a fanmade wishlist! The person who made this thing wasn't being realistic at all.

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brewsky wrote:

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99.9% fake. This is absolutely nothing new and has been done before. I'll take mine with 2 pounds of salt please.

Also, I want to point out a flaw: why is Xenoblade Chronicles listed as "NEW" when it was already announced?

Not to defend this "leak" (Since I can tell it's clearly fake), but unless I'm mistaken, Xenoblade 3DS hasn't been shown off anywhere outside Japan, so it technically would be a new announcement for Western audiences.

And Bayonetta isn't a new announcement? Along with all the other "new" games that don't have that glaring text?

To be fair, its a valid point, though. This fake leak just has too many errors, though.

Again, I wasn't trying to defend this, just pointing that out about Xenoblade. This is a really poorly made attempt at a fake leak.

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Err, any paper thing like that is fake. Tons of these "leaks" crop up right before E3. None of them are real

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Remember how so many e3 "leaks" relied on Pokken Fighters being announced for the Wii U? Remember how they were all debunked at once for that sole reason? Good times

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I like how every fake leak is artisclly bent to the side.


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Where's Mario Maker?
I am pretty sure the next Direct will have Mario Maker on there, somewhere...


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Fire Emblem: Grima's Vengeance?
Bayonetta: Jeanne's Showdown?
Fake. Nice try, though.

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I LOL'd at a 3DS Bayonetta game.

There is almost nothing about any of this that seems realistic though. I don't know why someone would go through the trouble of making a fake leak and not put any effort into making it believable.

Why would this even be a thing though? If this is an internal memo, what purpose does it serve? I could see Nintendo printing off a script for a Direct, but this single page list of games is pointless "for internal use." This looks more like what they would release to the press at an event or convention.

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I would definitely consider that fake.

However, I do think having more ports of Wii games on the "New 3DS" is a good idea - since the 3DS lineup is looking pretty lackluster as of now and Nintendo's main focus seem to be on the WiiU. Would be a good way too keep momentum without having to develop new titles from scratch.

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It also says 'Nintendo New 3DS' instead of 'New Nintendo 3DS'

Fake and dumb.

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I remember Platinum saying before that they be interested in a Bayonetta game featuring Jeanne on 3DS. But yeah, this is fake.

4chan needs to get better at this kind of stuff. Before it was the "IGN will confirm that SMT X FE is cancelled". Also a bunch of fake Smash Bros. and Pokemon X/Y "leaks".


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Wait Bayonetta was announced for the New 3DS??

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It's probably fake. :/

@TeeJay Nope, but the game's director was interested in a Jeanne spin-off game.

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The only real thing about this is the Nintendo logo!

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@KryptoKrunch Sure the IGN article didn't happen but SMTxFE could still be cancelled.


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''amiibo'' written as ''Amiibo'' > Fake.



If this is fake, why does it not say Nintendo are releasing N64 onto Wii U VC ?

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Ootfan98 wrote:

If this is fake, why does it not say Nintendo are releasing N64 onto Wii U VC ?

That is because the person who made this tried hard to be as realistic as possible Lol


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Clearly fake, just that maker isn't completely nuts and putting crazy predictions.

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