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It seems like IGN has bought the Gamer Network websites (Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shogun, VG247 etc). Gamer Network holds shares in Outside Xbox, Digital Foundry and Hookshot (which operates Nintendolife, PushSquare, PureXbox and Time Extension) so hoping the very best to everyone who works for this website that this merger won't affect your jobs



@Coversnail Hey! Resharing this here from our Twitter account to clarify


Thanks for your kind words, my thoughts are with everyone who sadly has been affected




This is sad news. Hopefully the sites stay unaffected. I know they say that now let's see if it stays that way.

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Incredibly saddened to see this pan out as it has: I'm sure everyone laid off is immensely talented and I pray they'll be able to find work again as soon as possible ❤

I'm very worried at the idea of the majority of gaming news outlets being under one roof personally. With all the reporting that's been done on the volatility of takeovers/acquisitions in the gaming industry as of late (particularly with the seemingly endless implosion of Xbox/Microsoft and Embracer), I fear that history's going to end up repeating itself once again with IGN flying too close to the sun before eventually crashing and burning, with dire consequences for everyone involved with them.

For right now though, I'm just thankful that Hookshot sites like NLife will continue to operate as normal: I don't think I could handle losing all the fantastic history and community that's been built up across all four main sites over the past 10+ years 🙌

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IGN eww!

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@DreamlandGem thank you, that helped clear things up lol. Had us (my crew) scared for a moment.

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In my experience Eurogamer has a better track record than most other notable gaming sites, so I hope this doesn't end poorly, because its really easy for me to have zero optimism about nearly any acquisition anymore.

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Oh man I'll miss Eurogamer (they were the Pikmin 4 close to completion people I think, I feel like it had some accurate sources), didn't know the others too well but probably not a good thing they're being bought. Sad to see this happening, hopefully people's jobs won't be effected. IGN hasn't had the best records when it comes to reviewing, so hopefully this doesn't affect the other websites' reviews.

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All the staff here seems great. I'm hoping NintendoLife keeps surviving (and ideally thriving).


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Weird the site hasn't celebrated with an article. Could maybe follow up with "Who is IGN". Company that does one thing buys multiple companies all doing the same thing. Doesn't sound very intelligent to me. Unless like the gaming industry, they need more reviews? But what do I know. Godd luck to all. I just hope this site remains as is.

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Thank goodness this site is unaffected.

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Seems truly mind boggling to me that neither NL nor PS has had an article about this. Like tin foil hat conspiracy nut mind boggling. This is fairly huge news in game journalism, to just not acknowledge it seems more than a bit sus. I know Hookshot wasn’t acquired but shares of the company are now owned by IGN so it isn’t nothing.

The Verge had an article about 24 hours ago.

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@WoomyNNYes @FishyS thanks for the kind words, I'm not going anywhere!

@rjejr the tweet says all we need to say at this point, nothing has changed for us operationally and only really directly affects Gamer Network sites. We didn't post about ReedPop putting Gamer Network up for sale, so likewise we didn't report on the purchase.

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Won't pretend I understand, but I did not expect Nintendo Life to publish anything about this. Obviously it is connected to the situation and it's just playing with fire. The deal is what it is, it's been well publicised, and I doubt Nintendo Life wants to court any controversy about it, so may as well just let that water pass straight under the bridge.

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@antdickens Thanks for the reply, here and on the Twitters. 👍

I still think you're wrong though. Even this sentence you just wrote: "the tweet says all we need to say at this point". If the tweet was all you need to say why not say it in an article? This is BIG NEWS in the industry and you know that, whether it directly affects you or not. Much bigger than Atari buying Intellivison, nobody has cared about either of those companies in over 30 years. 😂

I will grant you this "We didn't post about ReedPop putting Gamer Network up for sale" as I didn't even know they were up for sale. Did Forbes or any of the other gaming sites covering this news now that I listed here have articles about them being for sale? Even I'm too lazy to look up all that. 😩

Post #20.

End of the day it's your site, you can do what you want, but as an American it does look sus. But that's how we view things over here I guess, guilty until proven innocent, despite what you may hear otherwise; while you guys just keep your heads down and don't make waves. Two different ways of looking at things.

I am glad you guys weren't affected. And maybe some of the other users here, especially the ones paying for the blue Mario Kart 8 infinity logos, would have like to have heard that directly from you. Basically that's all I'm saying, get out in front of the news, don't hide in silence. ✌

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@rjejr I hear you, I do. If there were some actual news to this, we’d share it. But basically, the news is that there is no news… it’s business as usual for us. Nothing has changed.

If there are changes in the future, we’ll most certainly do site news posts etc. but right now, nothing has changed.

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