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Just an FYI for anyone in Canada, EB Games is rebranding completely to GameStop. What do all of you think about this? They were already owned by GameStop, but I think it’s just a bit sudden. I’m gonna miss that 🍁 on the logo…
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I remember when they rebranded EB Games to Gamestop here nearly 20 years ago. It just cemented for me that EB Games was gone for good although they felt more like a Gamestop then an EB Games for awhile to me before the name change.

The best memory I have of EB Games was standing in line waiting to get my Gold copy of LoZ: OoT that I pre-ordered.

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EB GAMES hasn't existed in years I don't recall of any that are still around. It appears gamestop is the current place of video games.

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@Atomic77 EB hasn't been around in the US for 20 years, they were in Canada until recently. Might want to read the first post there bud.

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I was really confused when I read the title of the forum as I had just picked up Metroid Dread from EB games. Forgot that EB Games was a thing in Canada (Australia here).

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While we still have EB Games in Australia (and New Zealand too), I believe I had noticed on my more recent receipts (it's been a little while since I had last shopped there) that it said something to the effect of "GameStop trading as Electronics Boutique".

It may just be a matter of time before the rebranding is reflected here as well, though I would hope not, as I find the GameStop branding to be far blander than that of EB Games here.

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