Topic: Australia has given Breath of the Wild an M rating

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This translates to a probable T, possible E10 rating in the US, and a PEGI 12 rating in Europe.
One interesting takeaway from this is that, if Nintendo has applied for ratings in Australia, that would suggest that English localization is done, and has been for at least a couple weeks. The Breath of the Wild rumors have been saying that localization wouldn't be done until the end of the year, which is their reasoning behind a Summer release. However, if localization is already done, and testing takes 4 months (the low end of what the rumors suggested), then Breath of the Wild could very well release at the Switch's launch in March.

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M rated?

So , we can finally see Link bleeding and making others bleed with some nudity?

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I'm not what to post, but something should pop up here eventually.


"Nudity" XD. No, no I wouldn't expect any more nudity than in Okami (at one point you sneak up on a bathing woman to steal her magical mcguffin towel or some such, seeing her naked back in glorious 480p).

I have no idea what an M-rating means in the context of the rest of the western world. Any Australians here that can provide some context — the core of good journalism?

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@shaneoh Huh, well that would be enough room for violence and darker themes in theory. Hopefully it's not just all derived from crushing bokoblins under rolling logs. At the very least it sounds like we won't have that Skyward Sword effect of pulled punches and low-stakes. I just hope they go far enough with the boss fights and darker story beats so that defeating Calamity Ganon will actually mean something.

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