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I'm calling it now, Nintendo are going to bring back the virtual console along with a Switch Pro announcement after March 31st and thats why there's such weirdness what with the Mario and Fire Emblem limited editions.



Idk switch pro dosn't look like its happening.

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After 31 March is April's Fool. 😜

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I don't know if it's going to be Virtual Console per se, because everything they've said and done until now really makes it seem like they're over that type of model. I would love to be wrong though!

My bet would be on a tiered subscription service that would vastly fill out the meager retro library we currently have. Though I've been saying this for a while and nothing has happened, so who knows!



I kinda wanna get super mario 3d all starts but there is a part of my brain saying, 'NO. GET TERRARIA OR DEAD CELLS INSTEAD!'

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They could do a docked only version to complete the set



I'd make fun of this post but I've seen actual analysts with comparable predictions that will obviously not happen.

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March 31st is the last day of their financial calendar hence why these and other things like Mario Maker Wii U servers are being shut down etc are on that date.

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Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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@klingki I would not call the current situation "meager" as for 20$/year you have a very robust library of NES/SNES.
But I would not be surprised if the add game Boy and hope they add more tiers for N64 (GameCube?)

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@Balta666 Sorry, I didn't mean meager in relation to price or value. I think what you get for just $20 a year is great. I meant meager in comparison to the universe of available legacy content, or even just to what we previously had available on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. I don't expect to get all of that for just $20, but for me, money is not the issue. I just want as much available as possible so that all options are on the table. Whether it be the VC model or a subscription service, I personally don't care that much. Just let us be able to legitimately play the stuff on a Switch!



A new Switch makes no sense this year with covid lockdowns and reduced shipments. They should focus on software and maybe a pro model next year



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