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So I haven’t used my SNES in awhile. Decided to hook it up and I basically get no signal. I’ll try multiple games and the same thing happens with every one — It’s usually a black screen with an intermittent interference type sound accompanied by a very distorted picture of the game playing.

I tried disassembling the system and ran into an issue where the pin connector won’t come off. Most models I’ve seen online seem to have silver screw plates and mine has black ones. I bought the unit off ebay so I don’t know if the previous owner put in an aftermarket pin connector or something. I cleaned the slot with alcohol and a credit card. Still doesn’t work.

I really appreciate any help, thank you!



If you want help, we will need some more info. What kind of connector? Standard composite (RF cable) from SNES to TV, AV cables or RGB/SCART? And what kind of TV? A regular CRT or a modern HD/UHD flat screen? And what inputs does your TV have? Does the TV have a specific "game mode", with settings that you can change?

A small tip to get you started, is that on most newer HD/UHD TV, standard AV is combined as a shared input with component (the red, green and blue inputs on the back of your TV), so if you don't have separate red, white and yellow inputs on the back or side of your TV, then you need to use the green input instead of yellow to display the console's image.

Also, adding pictures of the TV and cables can be of great help. Make some with your smart phone or digital camera, and then copy them to your PC/laptop and upload them to a picture uploader, such as PostImage (click on the name to go to the site), then copy the line where it says "Direct Link" and paste that here, in your comment.

To display it directly for all to see, use the following command, except without the spaces in between the brackets, otherwise it won't work, but I had to put those spaces in for now, to show you what you how:

[ img ]paste the link to the picture here[ / img ]

Do that for every individual picture you want to show.

Also, be sure that when you make a comment reacting to another user, that you do that by using the reply button next to their name, otherwise we won't get notified, and won't be able to respond.

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