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Hello! I am about to recieve my new 3ds xl of I also purchased an nintendo-recommended 16 gb microsd card. However, it will be arriving a few days later than the system. As you could probably guess, I am replacing the 4gb microsd with the new 16gb. Should I wait to turn on my new system and play games until i put in the new microsd? I really don't know what to do here, and I'm disappointed that the sytem comes with only 4gb, considering the digital download of FE:Awakening is over 1gb in memory space. Any instruction would be greatly appreciated! -Samuel



just play games that dont require saving to the sd card and youll be fine

follow your heart <3


If you have a way to connect the micro-sd to a computer you can copy and paste all the data over to the new micro-sd

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Yeah the transfer isn't hard to do at all. Personally, I'd wait to download Awakening on your 16GB one as the New 3DS downloads quite quickly, less of a bother if you just wait a little longer.



Okay thank you. I guess patience is a virtue.



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