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Hey everybody, I'm looking for some help with a particular issue. I can't get my Nintendo Switch to work properly with an HDMI Switch.

My Tv is an LG CX, which has 4 HDMI ports. First One is for my PS5, second one is the eARC for my soundbar, third one is for my Xbox Series X and in the last one I have an HDMI Switch with both my Nintendo Switch and a Google Chromecast.

Chromecast works perfectly with 4k/60 quality, Dolby Vision/HDR and even Dolby Atmos. But while I'm playing with the Switch (the console) my TV always turns itself off after a set amount of time. It's like the signal coming from the console is not getting detected by the TV (essentially like leaving it on idle) and then the Auto Turn off function is engaged.

If I connect the console directly to HDMI port there's zero issue, but then I run out of ports for my Chromecast, and having to unplug and plug each thing when I want to use them is kinda of a pain. I've also tried with two different HDMI Switches so far and the result is the same.

Hopefully someone could illuminate me. Thanks in advance.



@DarkoMan hey, I have an LG CX OLED too and have a similar issue... So I'm using a 3-to-1 HDMI switcher for my legacy consoles, it's a 360, Analogue NT and my Nintendo Switch (v1).

If I turn my Switch on before the TV, sometimes the TV doesn't recognise the HDMI signal and therefore I can't get it to see the image, even when its the correct HDMI setting and the HDMI Switcher is set to the right cable (it's automatic).

The only solution I've found is to make sure the TV is on before turning on my Switch and it works fine 99% of the time. Otherwise a simple "lift the Switch out of the dock and back in again" seems to reset things and the TV picks it up.

I've never had the timed issue you talk about though... are all the energy options off etc?

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I have an LG C1 and don't have this issue, but I do have PS5, XSX, Switch and soundbar (and Wii U) connected in a similar fashion, and know the struggle with HDMI ports.

I run Switch and Wii U through the soundbar, and if you have ports on yours that's what I'd recommend. Otherwise, run Switch directly into the HDMI port since that's the only way it'll work, and use a switcher for your other consoles. Might have to sacrifice 4K 120fps since I don't think any switchers offer HDMI 2.1 yet, but hardly any games run 4k 120fps anyways. Imo, 4k 60fps is perfectly fine.

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