Topic: I need help getting someone interested in these games

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@FriedSquid: Didn't you read my whole main post? I said what games he's interested in at the bottom of it.
He has no reason for not being interested in Zelda. As far as I remember, I don't think I showed any video footage to him before and he's never played proper Zelda before.
He gave me a really dumb reason for not being interested in Ace Attorney, he said it looks like other mystery games he's played. He said the same thing when I showed him the trailers.


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@Peace-Boy: If he is being closed minded then that's on him. You cant force anyone to try something. I am sure when you were a kid, you were the same way and if you weren't, then you are a freakin lier. How many times did your parents give you a plate of food and you said no without trying it, or got you a shirt that you refused to ware?

You just need to let it go instead of bashing your head against the wall. Life is too short for a silly argument. I am sure there is a game that you both can enjoy.

You need to give it a rest now, this thread is going to end up getting a visit from Zoidberg.

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@Tasuki: Yeah, I'm a picky eater, always have been. (Still am and yes, I still live with my parents)
Food is different to gaming and other forms of entertainment though.

Y'know, maybe I should have used my brain and not went on here to ask for help, I've just been wasting my time viewing and replying to the dumbest answers I've ever had to a question.

I'm going to delete this thread after the next reply. Just one thing though... who's Zoidberg? Or did you make that up?

Edit: How do I delete threads??

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I'm not your nephew, but if someone tried to force me into playing something I'm not interested in... That interest would go from 0 to -50.

Anyway, please let's calm down. I shall close the thread, since the OP doesn't seem to want it anymore.

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