Topic: Has anyone managed to sync play activity across multiple Switch devices?

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Hello everyone,

recently I brought a switch lite to play alongside my original switch as I find it more comfortable in hand held mode and I changed my original switch from my primary to my secondary console and used my switch lite as my primary console. But I find that the play activity played on my switch lite isn't syncing/updating with my play times on my original switch. For example, I've played Pokemon shield on my original switch for 100hrs but I've played Pokemon shield on my switch lite for 30hrs and its still showing 100hrs.

Has anybody figured out how to get the play activity to sync correctly over two different consoles that are linked to the same accounts and online accounts or is it just not possible?



@starvedflower Its not possible. Nintendo has the playtime tracker so parents can monitor their kid's playtime, see how many hours their kid played that console. The consoles don't sync playtimes to show cumulative playtime across consoles.

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For me the times sometimes just reset when I switch consoles.

So I've basically stopped paying attention to it.

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