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Recently purchased a switch lite that at first glance only had a bad left analog stick which auto scrolls the cursor down. The reticle on the calibrate screen is stuck all the way on the bottom part of the circle despite being in resting position physically. I've tried cleaning the joystick out with isopropyl alcohol a few times without success. Before ordering a replacement, I tried disconnecting the left analog stick and powering it on. It still has ghost inputs that behave the same way as stated before. Down is being spammed. I disconnected the right joystick just in case and it remained the same. Also swapped left and right analog in setting and no difference. Tried going to the button input screen and all the buttons work fine. After exiting this screen the problem goes away and I can navigate menus no problem with the d pad and right analog stick until I enter a specific setting in menu and go back. I can also play SNES games no problem. Entered the touch screen input testing page and noticed nothing registers. Looking closely there's a little nick in the middle of the screen which probably broke the digitizer. Wondering what my next step would be for troubleshooting.

Tldr: Has anybody dealt with constant ghost inputs on a digitizer that doesn't register inputs on the test page?



@Killerqueen1984 I think people here will likely think it's analog stick drift, aka joy-con drift. I've had instances with my pro controller where the steering would stick in a direction while playing Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing. But it was not something I could reproduce on the calibrate page. I'm assuming you've actually done a re-calibration.

I bought replacements controllers because I didn't feel like screwing around, and I have the Switch, with detachable controllers. Nintendo supposedly fixes all controllers with stick drift for free. Although, with all the work you've already done on the sticks, I don't know if that will work against you. If your Switch Lite is very new, you could try returning it for a replacement.(I know that's not an attractive option). A small handful of games cannot transfer game progress to another console, like Splatoon 2. Animal Crossing requires an app, or help from Nintendo.

(drift can happen with pro controllers, too, if you hadn't heard. I've gotten drift on my old joycons, and on a couple pro controllers. However, the issues didn't arise until after a few hundred hours of playtime)

If nobody has any good suggestions, Nintendo will be your best source for help. They have a phone line and chat messenger. They just closed at 9 or 10 pm eastern. Their hours are on their contact page.

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