Topic: Can't link Nintendo Account to Miitomo

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I have a similar issue, I'm trying to link my new Miitomo account to my Nintendo Account, when I try it says "Sign in to Nintendo Account was cancelled (support Code 801-0027-0000)"

Code 801-0027 This error may occur if:
You don't have a Nintendo Account created. (I do , I made it a week ago when I got my 3DS and its linked to my 3ds)

You are using an incorrect sign in or password. ( It signed into my Nintendo account and displayed the Mii icon I made vir my 3DS)

Your browser settings are blocking the sign in process. ( I turned on the option ON that the app asked me to turn on when I first tried to link)
but when I click the (OK) button to proceed with the link to Miitomo it fails saying : Sign in to Nintendo Account was cancelled (support Code 801-0027-0000)

What else do I need to do? help please?


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