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I just bought a (used) 3DS XL. After about an hour of play, I turned it off, plugged it into the charger, and its not charging. Could anyone give me any help with troubleshoting please?



I had a similar problem with my 3DS XL a few weeks ago. If you can try another charger. I have to use my son's 3DS charger to charger mine. Apparently there is something wrong with my charger cause even when I plug it into his 3DS it won't charge.

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@Agentvio Basic troubleshooting:

a) Try a different charger, preferably one you know works on another 3DS

b) Try a different battery

c) If there's nothing wrong with the charger or the battery then it's your 3DS that has the problem. In which case you can either try searching online for a guide to replacing the charging port, or you can cut your losses and retire the thing completely.

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Had the same problem recently with my n3ds - solved it by just taking the battery out and in again. Then it worked again. Read that somewhere on the internet. Give it a try.



Thanks to all those who replied. I don't have access to a second charger, but I'll try checking the battery.



If you find that it's not the battery, buying a new charger is relatively inexpensive. They retail here in the US for roughly $9-10. I'm not sure what that is in Canadian dollars off the top of my head, though.

If it turns out to be the system, you could return the charger and get your money back.

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