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Hi everyone. First post here, and I hope you can help me. So I have had a Wii U for a few years, and eventually the gamepad screen stopped working. I found out the repair cost, and it was far too much for me. I was unable to use my Wii U. I later got a 2DS at Kohl's for a good price. It was working just fine, until a few days ago it broke.
I have contacted Nintendo about both issues, but all they will offer is their pricey repair processes. I would also have liked to traded them into a store, but none will accept the products broken. Now I'm out of luck. Two broken Nintendo products, and no way to fix them without handing over a chunk of change. What should I do?



You've got four options:
1. Fix them
2. Replace them
3. Try to sell them
4. Do nothing/dump them

Although if getting them fixed is too costly, then replacing them is likely out of the question as well, which leaves options 3 & 4.

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Well, I guess I'll try to sell them. Any ideas on how/where?



Either pay for the repair costs or suck it up. There's not a lot we can do about it either. Try and find a store that will do the repairs for less?



Sell them on eBay and list them as magic consoles. I'm sure you'll get millions off of them.

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For the Wii U pad yu can probably find a pad on Ebay or Craigslist by itself and just buy that and sync it to your Wii U.

For the 2DS try looking around on Black Friday for some deals.

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