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Nah it's ok, word puzzles need one or two vague hints.

I would've added arrows to show the place in the grid and direction of the word, though. For example EBA and Fangs are in a bit of a confusing spot.

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@Meowpheel I was thinking of adding arrows but left them out in the end. It was kind of an experiment to see how well someone who hasn't solved this kind of crossword puzzle reacts to them. If you look at the picture on the previous page, you'll see that we don't really use arrows with hints. That's a professional puzzle, probably looks more confusing but it's not confusing once you've solved a few. The words can only go to two directions so the hints must be above or to the left. There are some puzzles that are very badly designed and don't follow this rule so they use arrows to point out the hints that don't work like normal. I've learned to avoid those. If they can't get the hints right, I don't expect the puzzle to be any better.


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@Late Yep, we have those crosswords in Sweden too - both types, but especially that first format. My grandmother did one of those every. single. day. Bless her. I'd never seen that type of crossword outside of Sweden, but if you Suomi guys have them, I'm wondering if the Norwegians and Danes also have them. I want to have a crack at your one - but I'm going to wait till I'm back at work!

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