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The beloved series that is Metroid.

From the perspective of someone in Gen Z, Metroid has always been in the background of my gaming life. I heard bits and pieces of the supposedly legendary series from time to time, but never enough to take the plunge and experience it myself. So when the words Metroid Prime 4 flew across my screen on that amazing day in 2017, I was met with nothing but cautious optimism. No gameplay had been shown. The famous Samus not even in sight. I just sat staring at my computer waiting for the next major announcement (of which there were many lol) with anticipation.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw that the internet had just about exploded with this announcement. Quite honestly, It was my first exposure to the series as a whole but seeing everyone so happy made me happy, and quite intrigued. I WAS going to look into the series…. But as you know with Kirby, Mario Odyssey, and a new Yoshi game my attention was averted yet again. The series once again flew back into the background.

Which brings us to present day. With rumors of the Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster swirling and gaining speed, the series has yet again poked out of its shell and shown its face. The excitement is almost palpable. The hype has never been so big. And, for the very first time, the series will be accessible to a entire new generation of gamers who will experience this world for the very first time, including myself.

Which is why this trilogy matters so much. To be completely honest the series has always been a little daunting when it comes to where to start. This trilogy remaster would provide a perfect place for a newcomer like me to start. Though I’m sure they’ll address this, I wouldn’t want to start with the fourth entry in a series.

In my opinion it's very important that they go all out with this remaster. For many, new generation or not, this’ll be the first impression of this series. This will be the game that sets expectations not only for myself but for many if not millions around the world going forward. But, if the prime trilogy is a masterpiece as people claim it to be it probably will not be an issue.

But what do I know lol.

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@Miles456 I don't understand. Have you played any of the Metroid Prime games? I only played the first one until I got lost halfway into the game. I'm curious about the trilogy since I never tried Prime 2 or 3.

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Nope lol it looks interesting tho

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The trilogy is itself a remaster but will inevitably be adapted as needed for another outing (Switch). I think you're right in a way, the series has been lost for a long time. Mostly a slew of hackneyed attempts to revisit the early formula but in halting and unassured steps. We most indeed hope that they show wisdom and restraint with bringing together the right elements for a genuine romp in Samus land. What's mostly lacking is a robust understanding of the role these games carved (their own genre in essence) and a need to bring back the fear and isolation. Modern games use the same tools to create atmosphere and garner popularity, so it's a mystery why Nintendo doesn't simply trod the path laid out before themselves.

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I can't get excited for the third consecutive release of the Trilogy; the fourth consecutive release of Prime 1 and 2! That's mental.

But it goes to show how poorly Nintendo handles legacy content. Why wasn't this ported over years ago? It should be available on the eShop by default IMO. Same with so many of their other titles. The 3DS finally got the gen 1 and 2 Pokemon games at the end of its lifetime, how long do we have to wait before they are made available on the Switch. Same with Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings. All that effort to release the first game, and now it's forgotten on the Wii U. But no, they'll drag this announcement out like it's a brand new game, because they know people will be excited for it anyway.



The prime trilogy has to release on switch at some point. Preferably not long before the release of Prime 4 if that actually does release on switch. I mean who's gonna want to start on Prime four if they haven't played the previous three? Then again what if prime 4 is like a reboot or something made in the same style only having little to do with the original series? It'll be our luck it won't release until the ass end of switch's life span. I really hope it's further along in development than that.

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Logic tells us that Prime Trilogy should come to Switch. But Nintendo aren't always logical.

I am a little concerned that Nintendo will release it too close to Prime 4 as well. For Prime 4 to be a big success it needs to attract newcomers - but will many buy Prime 4 at launch if they're still playing through 1-3*? I think a year gap would be sensible.

*Although to be honest I'm not sure of the psychology about this...perhaps people are more likely to pre-order if they're currently playing a game in the series?

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Knowing Nintendo they probably won't release the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch until a year or so after Metroid Prime 4 arrives on store shelves in 2021 or later. Makes no sense I know, but Nintendo is obtuse like that.

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I wouldn't say the Prime trilogy is crucial for Metroid's future. OP is really just saying that they'd like to play the trilogy first but haven't gotten round to it.

If there's no re-release of the trilogy but Nintendo puts out a kickass Prime 4 that succeeds in widening the Metroid fanbase selling millions of copies, then that would be enough to inject some more life into the series, no trilogy required.

Just releasing an up-res version of the trilogy could do more harm than good, but even if the trilogy was re-released to a lukewarm reception at best, that doesn't mean that Prime 4 can't be a big success.

Hopefully Retro have been put to work at some point over the past 5 years of apparent nothingness to port the trilogy to a modern engine with new textures, lighting, visual fx, and then that engine could possibly even be the base for Prime 4.

But Prime 4 and the Metroid series will live or die by how good Prime 4 is. If it's good it will sell well, simple as, if Switch software sales figures for Nintendo titles so far are anything to go by.

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I would love for the Metroid Prime Trilogy to come to the Switch, especially given its media features and the ability to easily share experiences with other players, and for potential newcomers to have an idea of how Metroid Prime 4 should play later on. What I'm curious about is how Nintendo markets Prime 4 if a Prime Trilogy release occurs prior, because the end of the trilogy is not where Prime 4 should be starting off. The very end of the Prime Series is Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and I certainly expect Prime 4 to pick up from where that game left off. The direction of Prime 4 at least in narrative should be a marriage of elements across the Prime series, not just the numbered Primes.

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@Miles456 I'm in the same boat as you. Gen Z and didn't have any idea how much of a big deal Prime 4 was going to be. I badly want to play the trilogy, but I don't want to buy it only for the switch release to be announced a couple months later. From what everyone says, they sound like amazing games, and I hope Nintendo will release it before 4. I think a year between like someone else said would be good.

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If Nintendo would get their act together concerning Metroid, it could be a system mover! They need to stop treating the Metroid series as a second class citizen! Looking at you Mario and Zelda!

Since Nintendo seems to want to try all kinds off wacky concepts for Metroid games, how about this.

Step into the future Nintendo and do Metroid right. Abandon the 1st person camera and move to 3rd person like it outta be.

It's high time for a open world Metroid game set in a star system with at least 7 planets! Not the survival game that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, either! No weapon durability here. Don't focus on combat so much. Awe the player with wonder and exploration. Pull them into the Metroid world! No tutorials and no damn cut scenes. Full immersion! No gimmicks.

You think Skyrim, Witcher 3 and Horizon:Zero Dawn are good? My God! The Metroid game I have in mind would be a system mover! I don't care what they have in store for Prime 4. It's already a flop!


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