Topic: When will the next Smash reveal happen do you think?

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I really wanted to create a new topic but the second to last Smash reveal for Smash Ultimate happened a few weeks ago and one is left. Also apparently in the Kazuya Mr. Sakurai presents, we learned that we might have to wait for the next reveal (by the end of 2021 though) Please don't argue but when do you think it will be?

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Early/Mid September during the next general Direct (either opening or closing the Direct). Smash has played a significant role in Directs over the past 3 years so the final fighter being revealed in the next one feels very likely.


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I think its going to be around september, if not later, but he did say its happening this year.

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WarioWare: Get It Together! releases on September 10th, so I think the next Direct will be the next week after that release. That's when the last Smash character for the roster will be revealed.

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Either September Direct or Game Awards if they really want to keep the secrecy surrounding the character's identity going

September feels more likely but Game Awards or even a Sakurai Presents presentation like how they announced Byleth are plausible venues


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