Topic: What Kirby game should I beat next?

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With Dark Mind's head on a platter, Nightmare Enterprises no longer Nightmare Existing, Queen Sectonia sprayed with Raid, Dedede dededefeated more times than I can count, Zero gouged out and shot with a billion Final Fantasy reject gems, Necrodius gangr**ed by ten pink marshmallows, Marx blown to pieces, Galactica Knight impaled with its own lance twice and sealed to where they sent Mighty Number Nine, and Dark Nebula thrown into a black hole, I'm looking for more guys to kill. Any recommendations? I'm particularly in the mood for the GBA, SNES, and DS.

U P D A T E ! ! !

I just drew a grave for Drawcia.

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Let's move this to the chit chat thread... There's no need to created threads for things like this.


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