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Pizzamorg wrote:

While I love my Switch, I wouldn't be here if I didn't, it still kinda amazes me that the Switch seems to get a free pass when it comes to technical performance that would simply be unacceptable elsewhere.

I know the internet memes on the Switch's hardware but what inspired this post was Three Hopes getting 7 through to 9s by most major publications. I was really tempted to pick this up, I'd tried other musou games on Switch and they all ran like *****, but with those reviews, they surely should have figured this all out by now, then, right?

Well... no, it seems. Digital Foundry says the max resolution you can achieve in docked is 810p and downscales as low as 540p in handheld and even then cannot hit a consistent 30 fps framerate during big action set pieces. Like how can a game performing like this get even a 7 in 2022? Like even ten years ago 1080p gaming was starting to become common place and at around the same FPS as the Switch.

As far as I am concerned a game performing like this in 2022 cannot be getting the reviews it is getting. If any other platform tried to sell a game with this level of performance, it'd be getting 1s, why should Nintendo get a free pass cause they stick with weak hardware? Just seems really misleading to me.

The issue is that normal people don't know what any of those numbers mean, and are more interested in whether or not a game is actually good. Minecraft is the most popular game around, yet it's not known for its brilliant graphics. The same concept applies to Nintendo exclusives.



@KryptoniteKrunch Agreed. Unless it's actually much inferior and it bothers me, I'll prefer to have the game on the go as it enhances gameplay for me so much more than smoother frame rate or better graphics. Switch stopped that horrible tendency of previous handhelds of sometimes getting their own inferior version of a bigger game (at least most of the time) and while it sometimes fall short, it rarely is as problematic as people try to make it out to be in my opinion. Also, reviewers constantly talk about this matter so the Switch is hardly receiving a pass, it's just that from the start, this console isn't trying to appeal to people that prefer their game on the highest settings so this points will usually lose importance unless it's big performance issues.

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