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2026 will mark the 30th anniversary for Super Mario 64, so I think it'd be a cool idea if it got a full-blown remake for the occasion! Imagine a stunning remake with really amazing graphics for the Nintendo Switch Successor!

This game is already on the NSO Expansion, however, I think a lot of people would still want this! (including me!)

I know it got a remake in 2004 for the DS, but I'd love to see a brand new take! Assuming the Switch's Successor and the next 3D Mario release 2025, we could maybe get this game in time for it's 30th anniversary!

2020 was Super Mario Bros 35 anniversary celebration, so maybe we'll see something similar to Super Mario Bros 40th anniversary? Perhaps a Super Mario 64 Remake announced during those events?

Anyways, what would you want to see from a Super Mario 64 Remake? Do you think it is possible in the near future?

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An actual full remake would have to fix the horrible camera as well as massively modernizing the graphics and removing a bit of jank here and there. But then you would basically just have a modern 3D mario game — not sure if it would be worth the effort unless they also added some content. I would almost prefer a sequel instead, except Mario Odyssey already kind of feels like a direct sequel.

If they remade it with better graphics/camera, added some more levels and added a 3D level maker mode, that would be neat.

That said, sounds like a big effort and I doubt they would put it out near the next truly new 3D Mario game.

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If they were to do something along these lines I'd rather they do it for something like Ocarina of Time personally. I'm not sure how much you'd actually gain from a Super Mario 64 remake. It'd be neat, sure, but it's surely lower on the list

Plus the 30th Anniversary thing. Honestly Nintendo rarely cares about that sort of thing. As I understand it the times it has happened it's been something NoA pushed. Presumably because some already in the works release happened to line up with some anniversary

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@skywake @FishyS Yeah the camera would probably be fixed, probably be a lot smoother.

Super Mario 64 could get playable Luigi/2nd player like how it was supposedly planned. Not sure if we’d get new levels, but co-op would be great for this adventure!

For the anniversary thing, we saw TTYD and Mario Vs Donkey Kong this year during a big anniversary year, so I don’t think it’s out of the question.

Maybe we could get the mini-games from DS as well, although it is likely they’d just make brand new mini-games to fit the new console’s potential gimmick.

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I’ve never played Mario 64 watched my friend finish it with all 120 stars, not even remotely interested in playing through it myself.

Always preferred the later games when Princess peach was playable as I found her easier to use

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I played the original, the DS and the 3D All-Stars version. Can't say I loved any version.

It's in the same boat with Ocarina of Time where I enjoy it, I appreciate it's role in gaming history...but do I need to see it again? Not really.



I'd argue that Mario 64 makes no sense as the same game but modernized, so unless you want to make a game that plays like 1996 but looks like 2025, I just don't think it would work?

So I'd only be interested in this if it fully re-imagined Super Mario 64 with game mechanics and ideas from later 3D Marios. Like Throwback Galaxy but for the entirety of Mario 64.

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