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Hiya, I really enjoyed how the 'Ranking The Mario Kart Games' topic went, so I thought I'd start something new. That topic is still open and I definitely won't be ignoring it, but I thought it'd be nice to have a bit more variety.

I'll leave that here if you fancy a look:

So anyways, same as before, list the games from your personal worst/brawl to best, you can include 3DS and things like Project M if you want, I for one will consider them in my list when I do that.

Once again, happy ranking!



1. WiiU/3DS
2. Melee
3. 64
4. Brawl

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Before I begin with my ranking, I'd just like to bring to everyone's attention that I am not particularly great at Smash (or fighting games in general, for that matter) and I don't consider myself a 'fan' of the series. And I especially couldn't care less about the competitive/eSport side of Smash. I like that a game like it, where all of Nintendo's greats come together, exists. Just like I liked PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for that matter. Also, this may be a ranking but every single game in the entire franchise is great in its own right and thus, this ranking will be a lot more subjective based than my Mario Kart ranking yesterday.

5. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS: I've gotta be honest here. I didn't like the thought of playing a game like Smash on a handheld from its very announcement. Sure, it's playable but for me, the great side of Smash is having people with you in the room and hearing everyone's reactions. It'd require all of us to bring our 3DS's and to buy extra copies of Smash, who wouldn't typically play Smash outside the local multiplayer with friends. So, Smash on 3DS is like the forgotten sibling in the Smash family once Smash on WiiU come out, to me.

4. Super Smash Bros. Melee: The GameCube, until March 3rd 2017, was my favorite gaming system. Many of my favorite games are on GameCube. So why not Melee? Tbh, this is the time where my parents stopped playing video games with me because I got enough to play them all and on my own. So, outside of collecting trophies and unlocking all the stages and characters, I ended up dropping it rather quickly in favor of other games. The Adventure Mode was awesome, though. Also Kraid on Brinstar Depths gave me nightmares.

3. Super Smash Bros.: The original that me and my parents played for countless hours without ever finding out how to unlock the mysterious fourth unlockable character, Ness. Many of my favorite stages in the entire series come from this game (Saffron City in Smash for Switch PLEASE!).

2. Super Smash Bros. on WiiU: Despite my dislike of WiiU, this is an awesome entry into the series. One that could have done without that weird party mode and could've used a lot more unlockable characters and stages, if you ask me. I miss unlocking hidden characters. Whatever happened to them. If there are hidden playable characters, they are rather easy to unlock these days and are advertised to be in the game. But I'm going off-topic. Many characters, many stages, great music, many many trophies to unlock and just great multiplayer fun all-around.

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: How in hell, earth and heaven has Brawl made it to Number 1!? Well, for one, remember how my parents stopped playing games with me after I got old enough to play on my own and thus, rarely had people to play Melee with? Sure, you do, you just read it. So by Brawl, I had found friends who shared my interest in gaming. So, Brawl ended up being our most played party game as we've found Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 8 too boring. Second, many of my most wanted characters have made it into Brawl: Olimar, Meta-Knight, Diddy and Sonic were all characters I wanted to see playable really badly. And Sakurai heard my prayers. Third, remember how I said Melee's Adventure Mode was imho the most enjoyable singleplayer part of the game? Well, imagine how thrilled I was when I found out about the Subspace Emissary! The Adventure Mode but with a grand story where all of Nintendo's heroes and villains come together to fight a common enemy. How on earth could you not find that awesome?

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@GoldenGamer88 Dang, now I feel bad for making fun of Brawl
Before I do my list, I'm in a similar position here. I'm not that amazing at Smash, I'm not bad, I like the competitive scene (although the community is nothing short of absolute cringe) and I've a decent knowledge of the game, but I mostly play with one of my friends and a bit of online. I'm more into Pokken, Street Fighter V, Rivals of Aether and ARMS has suddenly become my favourite thing in existence. Nonetheless, here it is.

6. Brawl - People get angry at Nintendo when they do things the fans don't want, like Federation Force for example. Personally though, I think the fact Nintendo made Brawl after Melee is the worst thing they've ever done to their fanbase. Brawl is a disaster on so many levels. Even my nine year old self in 2009 found the game horribly sluggish and unbalanced. The Subspace Emmisary was a nice idea on paper but a complete slog not worth touching in practice. The new airdodge is a complete bastardization of the Melee one, combos are nigh-nonexistent, and random tripping makes random crits in Team Fortress 2 look like the work of a genius. Brawl sucks and is nothing more than a joke to me and my friends.
(At least my boy Dedede was good in that game though R.I.P old back-air)

5. 3DS - Smash 4 is awesome, and I'll get to that. Smash 4 with awkward controls and worse online is not that awesome. That's it really.

4 + 3. Melee and 64 - I couldn't decide which one I like more here, Smash 64's insanely high hitstun, zero-to-death combos and mental tech is awesome, but held back by an awful single player, only one really tolerable stage, and a baffling control scheme. Melee is awesome to watch, is sightly better regarding balance (debatable) has a fun roster, more cool stages, a better single player and incredible fast gameplay once mastered. One big issue, there's no buffering, which in a game this fast is pretty tough for me.

2. Wii U - At 900 hours, this is my most played game of all time. Balanced, polished and a decent game speed make a wonderful package. Recently though, it's fallen out of favour with me for other fighting games. It's become a little too defensive for my liking, and while the airdodge is nerfed from Brawl, it's still bad mechanically compared to the Melee. Also WHY DID DEDEDE GET NERFED LIKE 5 TIMES HE SUCKED AT LAUNCH AND HE SUCKS EVEN MORE NOW PLEASE. Still, this game gave me many memorable moments with my friends and it holds up alright today.

1. Project M - PM is more balanced and plays better than any other Smash game. That's it really. The extra added content and detail is also really fun and charming, the dev team did a marvelous job. Not as good as Rivals of Aether for me, but not by a huge margin.

Seriously though Nintendo you should've hired the PM team instead of making them cease development. Capcom did something nice and you did the opposite, think about that.



@Snaplocket I personally don't think Brawl is a bad game, but I find the mechanics so awful that I wouldn't even call it a fighting game. It's an excellent party game, but that doesn't matter to me personally. Great casual game, but every other game appeals to casual and competitive, so it doesn't compare for me.



4. Super Smash Bros. - Played this tons as a kid and have a lot of fond memories of it, but when I go back to it I can't help but think I'd rather be playing one of the newer entries (it's commercial was a classic though!).

3. Super Smash Bros. Melee - This is when the series really came into it's own, expanding on the first game in every conceivable way. Lots of fond memories.

2. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS - I've poured more hours into this than I thought possible, I loved collecting it's quite extensive trophy collection, and Smash is the perfect game to pick up and play a few rounds. Also, I love putting it into sleep mode & jamming out to Live & Learn, Mute City, Mega Man 2 Medley, Mt. Dedede and more when I exercise.

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl - What can I say, it's my most played Wii game. Loved that they added Sonic & Snake, played through the Subspace Emissary with my best friend TWICE (once at each of our houses), and had tons of fun making my own arenas (I think I even made one based on the pyramid from ALttP).

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For me, they keep getting better.

4. Smash Bros.
3. Melee
2. Brawl
1. Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS

I don't think the 3DS and Wii U versions are different enough to rank separately.


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Nice stuff here, a lot more variety in opinions than I thought there'd be.
Despite how I feel about it, it's cool to see some Brawl love here, haven't seen any of that in ages.

Quick topic within a topic, favourite and least favourite character?



1) Brawl was an event. There was no one besides some crotchety PC gamers that generation that wasn't hyped to see Snake and Sonic in this game. Its landmark nature continues to this day, diminishing our surprise when Mega Man, Pac Man, Ryu, and Cloud are announced for Smash 4 — huge stories otherwise. Also Subspace Emissary was a ton of fun. More multiplayer games need singleplayer story modes.

2) Melee I never played as much as Brawl, but I do remember some match's with my friends. The Temple stage is legendary and I'm glad it hasn't left the rotation since — it could use a new paintjob, but I digress. I never played the adventure mode but it doesn't look like it has much of a story or ambitious levels so oh well. This is just the first Smash Bros. to me, I couldn't care less about what fighting games nerds get out of it.

3) 4 (heh) I played on 3DS. Maybe I'll like it more when I play it on Switch, but I think it'd need some more worthwhile singleplayer offering or change to the floating physics to move the bar much. Cutscenes, please. So much of the roster is just returning from Brawl, but I didn't need the game to have this huge, expansive roster after that experience. They should have focused on iterating and putting twists on the core mechanics.

4) 64 was a fighting game on the Nintendo 64. I never played it, there weren't many characters, and the stages were pretty ugly and mostly rooftops that weren't actually notable in their respective games.

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I need to play 4 more but I'm assuming if I ever get to that it will be

Melee > 4 > Brawl > 64

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@Tsurii Agree 100% on Ryu, probably the best designed character in Smash history. I'd like to play more of him, but my favourites to play are Dedede and Ganon. I like a more defensive playstyle.

As for least favourites I'd say Cloud and Brawl Ice Climbers. Cloud kinda feels like he was made to be a top tier, like "Alright he's fast, strong, and has godlike frame data and range, but that's okay cause his recovery sucks. I mean he has god tier airspeed a huge double jump the best wall jump in the game and an amazing recovery with Limit Break but yeah his recovery sucks so that's fine."

Brawl Ice Climbers are so dumb it's like they wern't even playtested.

"Sakurai the Ice Climbers had an infinite in Melee."

"There I removed the infinite."

"Perfect, so they can't do anything unfun or exploitable now?"



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