Topic: NintendoLife gives Star Fox Zero a Higher Score than Assault even though Zero has a worse control scheme and no Multiplayer content

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Just wanted to give a minor rant here. I kind of find it unfair how poorly judged Star Fox Assault gets compared to other Star Fox games. Star Fox Zero gets praise for using the Wii U gamepad as a control gimmick and was entirely built around that concept. That pretty much leaves the entire game bare with any multiplayer content. Another point of contention is the controls, naturally a game like this that was built around the gamepad would have other adjustable control options to fit the user if they don't like motion controls, right? Unfortunately, that's not the case and probably the biggest point of criticism that gets brought up whenever this game gets mentioned in discussions which divides some opinions. Should I even mention how disorienting the controls are? Because it's kind of obvious how juggling from different perspectives in order to shoot or reorient yourself makes the gameplay feel like a multi-tasking mess. Meanwhile, Assault gives you several options for controls, even modern 3rd person shooter options for on-foot missions, which feels like the intended way to play. Definitely better than the slow turning Walker controls. Add to that, the different vehicle options, the different types of weapons, the already mentioned multiplayer, etc. It does feel like Namco took inspiration from the multiplayer from 64 and used that as the foundation to create this game. Structurally, the levels are split 50/50 even with arwing and on-foot missions, maybe 25/25 for on-foot because there are vehicles that you also use in them. That's still a pretty good portion of variety. The single player, while good but not amazing, wouldn't be as endlessly replayable as 64's with it's multiple paths. Though, Star Fox Zero doesn't have that either and just has missions you could visit again to play for medals, that also brings Zero's score further down. Assault has a survival mode instead and you could play for higher scores and replay missions to get S-flags and medals for multiplayer content, which again is where the game was built around. So overall, I think people should give Assault another chance and look at it with an open mind as well as maybe Nintendolife should reconsider their score they gave for the game. We'll see which game ages better over time.



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Well I would say a key reason is because NL's review of Star Fox Assault was written many years after the game was released, whereas NL's review of Star Fox Zero was written when the game was released, and (as sad as it is to say) the surrounding hype of a game at the time can inflate review scores. While I don't wish to cast aspersions on NL's integrity as I do find them generally trustworthy (and I think everyone does this), I think if Star Fox Zero were to be reviewed again by NL in 5 or 10 years' time, I imagine they would probably be harsher because they will no longer be having to shill the game or the Wii U Gamepad concept.

NL's review score for Super Mario Sunshine is 9/10, but again, that review came years after the game was released (ie. without the release-date hype machine, with no vested interested in pushing it as a major console exclusive, etc). As a hugely important milestone Nintendo/Mario release, you can pretty much guarantee that had NL reviewed Super Mario Sunshine at the time, they would've given it 10/10 (just like Galaxy, Galaxy 2, 3D World and Odyssey).

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Oh, did Star Fox Zero just come out? No?


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Star Fox Zero's arwing combat is the single best anything Star Fox has had outside of 64, because it plays the most like 64. It can be adjusted to work well in most parts of those Arwing segments via admittedly quickly glossed, underexplained changes you can make to how the game controls. The game has many issues, but even the good parts of Assault don't quite capture 64's gameplay quality in the same way, and the non-Arwing parts of Assault are all as mediocre as shooters get.

And Star Fox multiplayer was always ok at best. The bizarre nostalgia people have for the nothing multiplayer mode in 64 baffles me, but otherwise no one plays Star Fox multiplayer. Which is honestly not even defending Zero, since it should've had multiplayer for various reasons, but if it had actually worthwhile multiplayer, it would actually be a first for the series.

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I hate to break up the star fox zero bashing party here but i just couldn't hold back anymore. You know that horrible control scheme that everybody loves to talk about? You'll never guess what a simple press of the select button will do. You can play star fox zero in it's Entirety without ever looking down at the gamepad screen just like as if it's the original or N64 game. You know how you'd get the cockpit view on your TV? It works exactly the same way. Seems 99% of the people ripping on star fox zero weren't even aware of this. Even Nintendolifes review never mentioned this.

Yeah i like the game. Loved it in fact! I know I'm one of the very few sadly. I just think it's unfairly criticised for the one minor flaw that is literally fixable with the press of a button.

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Just because it doesn't have any multiplayer content doesn't mean it should score lower. I rate this thread F-^9 out of 10

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You need to stop thinking that review scores mean anything. They do not. Go read the whole of each review and make up your own opinion of each game. Being lazy and allowing the review scores determine how you should feel about a game, is lazy and does not give you an accurate representation of each game.



Damn straight! I learned this lesson well after reading IGN's review of Double Dragon Neon. They trashed it. Called the game ugly and claimed beat em ups were a dead genre. The guy reviewing it acted like he never liked brawlers in the first place. Then i thought to myself why the hell hire a guy to review your game when the fool has no interest in the genre to begin with? UGH!

I personally loved the game! Most people i talked to about it felt the same. People act like if a well known popular review site didn't like a game then I'm not supposed to either. Bah! I make my own mind up. Not some pompous blow dried college boy with a degree in writing.

Speaking of forming my own opinion i also liked Metroid other M but ask anyone and I'm apparently wrong about that too. Don't even get me started.



Agreed on all points. DD Neon was an amazing game (and one i'd double-dip on if it came to Switch), and i remember that IGN review (i think it was that one) made me hesitant to buy it at first. Then i read some feedback from regular people who played the game and got a much better impression. Glad i did, since that game was definitely worth it.

And i too like Other M (and have played through it at least 3 or 4 times), though i do enjoy reading some of the hatred it got/gets. Just makes me laugh.

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I find that there's alot of games i enjoyed that reviewers hate for some reason. Of course I'm playing the games because i choose to. Not because some company is paying me to so i can write up a half assed review in a hurry after barely playing or not even finishing the game.



Reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, anyways. I tend to look for specific information that I can't gleam from videos rather than reading too much into the writer's overall enjoyment - if my enjoyment will be different anyways, that info isn't useful to me.

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I thought so. Even a few review sites like IGN, Nintendolife and Gamespot liked it for the most part. Yeah there's flaws but ask Metroid fans and it's highly mixed. Some like it others think it's a complete train wreck. I'll never understand it but whatever. I'm the one who decides what i like. I don't care what anyone else thinks.



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