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Nintendo insult page because even though we like Nintendo we still hate them sometimes

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Their, not there. If you're going to insult someone, learn to spell first.



Oh yea I didn’t notice the auto correct on their thx




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@Murkyelm I'm in two minds whether to allow this thread. There is nothing wrong with a thread that criticises Nintendo — after all, that is what this website is all about — but the language you are using it kind of stepping over some lines "Nintendo insult page" and "we still hate them sometimes".

Maybe tone it down a bit? And consider that Nintendo is a huge business, albeit with real people making decisions.

Perhaps just stick to "dislike" rather than "hate" and "criticism" rather than "insult".

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I can never understand why people start new threads on a topic of their choosing, but then don't actually have anything to say on that topic to kick things off. It's just spam, basically.

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I definitely have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Switch.
Its an Impressive bit of hardware (even if it is shown its age) and Nintendo's games are still an absolute joy to play.
However, they haven't really released anything new in over a year and I have had little reason to actually switch it on. Monster Hunter was fun for a while but the lack of voice chat meant I got bored and moved onto other online coop games where I can talk with friends while I grind.

I have also found Nintendo to have become increasing greedy this generation. I had to buy a second console so that my Mrs could play her own save on Animal Crossing - seriously, £250 to play 1 game (because that is literally all she plays) is an absolute P*** Take.
It also annoys me how little they reward loyal customers - supported them through the wii-U and you get to pay full price to play the same games. This just feels really backwards when every other console manufacturer is now offering backwards compatibility with previous gen games, and many of those are actually getting free next gen upgrades as a thank you for supporting them.

Lastly, I actually find it difficult to justify buying games on the switch because they are always so expensive - I have the other consoles so can always buy the cross platform games cheaper and with significantly better performance (and with Xbox remote play and xcloud they are also portable). As a result the switch sits under the bed waiting for the first party games to drop and give me reason to pull it out and play.

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I have to admit, I've got a love/hate relationship with the Switch as well. On one hand, the Switch has the strongest third party support of any Nintendo platform ever. NES, SNES, GC, N64, GBC, DS, name it, Switch trumps them all. On the other hand, the Switch's first party lineup of games is the weakest in the company's history.

BotW, AC:NH, XC2, Odyssey, etc. Not that they're bad games, far from it. But they're each my least favorite game in their respective series. Then we have the joy-con drift nonsense. The Nintendo seal of quality doesn't hold the same weight it used to, especially after I went through five sets of joy-con in less than three years. You cannot defend the joy-con's poor build quality, it's unacceptable no matter how you slice it.

Having said all that, I love the platform. I think it's the finest device Nintendo has ever produced.

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Honestly the only persistent problem I have with Nintendo is their limited use of their back-catalogue. I still find it very strange that 4 years we only have NES and SNES games available on the system.

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Nintendo having a service where you get old games for a yearly fee is good. Nintendo holding their bad online as hostage is bad. I will never stop complaining about this ever. I don't even like the idea of online being an extra fee, but the lack of quality put into it as a paid service is just inexcusable and will always be inexcusable.

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Sooo... I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I just wanted to talk about it because it shows the messed up glitch policy Nintendo has stuck with for years and also how they ignore a large portion of the Nintendo community.

To start we head over to Mario Maker. To anybody reading this that plays MM actively, you might know where this is going. Basically, a large part of the Mario Maker community has dedicated themselves to glitch finding and glitch levels. Nintendo deletes these glitch levels commonly enough where people often make alts JUST to post these levels, so if Nintendo finds them, their main won't be banned. Yes, banned. Which is crazy because 99.999% of these glitch levels are completely harmless. Maybe even 100%. I have played Mario Maker 2 for over 1.5 years now and have NEVER heard of ANY glitches that were actually harmful. But Nintendo bans people for it? And, yes, these can be perma-bans. Even when they're not, Nintendo STILL sometimes removes ALL likes and Maker Points from the victim's account. But this isn't only in Mario Maker 2. It was in Mario Maker 1 too! They didn't improve one bit. Many people have gotten levels that they spent several weeks working on deleted just because they had a single, harmless glitch that took up 0.001% of the level. And yes, it says in the TOS, right when you boot up the game for the first time and enter Course World, that you can't upload these glitch levels. And the problem isn't that they follow that TOS, they have the right to do it, I can't argue against that. It's that, why would they put that in the TOS in the first place? And this is where the famous phrase (at least in the Mario Maker community) "as Nintended" comes in. Nintendo doesn't care about what's good or what's bad. They only care that everything, no matter what, is what they intended it to be. Which is just, what? Mario Maker is literally a game where you can make whatever levels you want. That's the whole point of a making game, you build the game and then the players/community can take it from there. Unless the level is literally inappropriate, I don't see a reason to delete it. And "as Nintended" brings us to the next point. Rom-hacks and kaizo.

When you hear "Rom-hack" you probably first think of Super Mario World for the SNES. And even though the game is over 30 years old now, the SMW community is still flourishing. Why? Well, a lot of it is due to speedruns, but the the main reason? Rom-hacks. And also even though the game is over 30 years old now, Nintendo STILL hates Rom-hacks? Why does Nintendo they care about a 30 year old SNES game that literally can't be updated? Because it isn't the way Nintendo intended it to be. They are REALLY stubborn about this. Oh, and the other word I mentioned. Kaizo. Today, in Mario Maker 2 and in many other games, Nintendo refuses to acknowledge an absolutely MASSIVE part of their fanbase. Why? Again, not Nintended. In Mario Maker 2, Nintendo added tags so you could tag your levels. There was a decent variety, but, no kaizo tag. Later on, they added more tags. But still not a kaizo tag. But if you went to the popular courses tab and searched for specifically Super Expert levels, they would be EVERYWHERE. Most people would agree that Mario Maker 2 still has a very active fanbase is BECAUSE of kaizo and kaizo creators.

If you've been in the Mario Maker community for a while now, you probably know what happened on March 31st, 2021. Nintendo removed the ability to upload courses in Mario Maker 1. Which doesn't seem like a big deal at first right? Mario maker 2 was nearing it's second birthday, so most of the Mario Maker 1 players must have moved to Mario Maker 2, right? But actually, lots of people were still playing Mario Maker 1. And most of these players KNEW that there was Mario Maker 2 and that they could afford it. And lots of these players bought Mario Maker 2, but then returned to Mario Maker 1? The game still had a flourishing community, even if it was outdated by the sequel. This might remind you of Mario Kart Wii, where even though they were outdated by Mario Kart 8, they still had an insanely huge community, and they even do to this day! But unlike Mario Kart Wii, when Nintendo removed uploading from Mario Maker 1, it was for good. Many people across the Mario Maker 2 servers made memorials for Mario Maker 1, including me. But again, Nintendo doesn't care. A good example of why this was a huge deal was the story of ChainChompBraiden and his famous level, Trials Of Death, In Mario Maker 1. He's been trying to beat TOD for over 5 YEARS now, even though Mario Maker 2 came out. He's put more hours into one level than I have the ENTIRETY of Mario Maker 2. He was (and is) so dedicated to this level, and he was becoming more and more well-known in the Mario Maker community for being so determined to beat this seemingly impossible level, so determined to upload it. And he never did upload it, and he never will. Because Nintendo announced they were deleting the ability to upload courses in Mario Maker 1 soon. Now, even though he can't upload it, ChainChompBraiden is still trying to beat it. You can still watch him playing the level on Twitch today. But this was a huge blow to the Mario Maker community, and felt like a huge hecc you from Nintendo. This is why I'm worried for Mario Maker 2's future. Only TEN months, not even a year after the release of Mario Maker 2, Nintendo released the last actually relevant update. TEN MONTHS. Did they somehow think the game was already dead? And if they did, what do they think of Mario Maker 2 today? Will they maker a Mario Maker 3, and forcibly remove the uploading feature in Mario Maker 2?

And that concludes what I have to say. These two videos below explain this situation in so much better than I could ever do, and inspired me to make this rant thing.

If you've read this whole thing, then I just want to say Thank You. This is the first ever post I've made on this website, and I really appreciate you reading it.

does anyone read this


Nintendo needs to take their current online service, take a look at the Wii, and greatly improve from there. Virtual Console, gifting, community and messaging...I don't understand why Nintendo feels the need to scrap what they've done in favor of doing something new, instead of improving upon what they've laid out. The Wii U would've been better had it improved rather than take a step to the side basically with Miiverse. I don't know what the thought process was with the Switch, it's terrible on the online front. It's the most bare and basic online experience Nintendo has had with a console and now it comes with a price tag.

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I-U wrote:

I don't understand why Nintendo feels the need to scrap what they've done in favor of doing something new, instead of improving upon what they've laid out.


Because Iwata is dead and gone. He was a gamer first, a video game programmer second, and a corporate president third. His concern for customers came first and foremost before pleasing shareholders. Although Nintendo is still a Japanese company (unlike Sony), they're currently more corporate than they've been since Hiroshi Yamauchi was Nintendo's president decades ago.

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Magician wrote:

Although Nintendo is still a Japanese company (unlike Sony), they're currently more corporate than they've been since Hiroshi Yamauchi was Nintendo's president decades ago.

I don't see how that's accurate at all. There's a reasonable case to be made that Joycon drift would be handled better and quicker under Iwata but otherwise I don't feel Switch has gone DRAMATICALLY differently than it would have if he was still around. I respect Iwata more than nearly any other executive in the industry, but its not like zero greed or bad decisions or bad PR existed under Iwata. Quite frankly, a lot of the stuff people point towards as bad Nintendo decisions are not that different than something that happened during the 15 years Iwata was in charge.

I mean, even the mobile games (which is a weird case since Nintendo is less making those games and more passively letting mobile devs make them), is something started by Iwata.

And quite frankly, I'm not sure anything Nintendo has done in the past 20 years has been as bad as how they threw everyone they could under the bus during the mid 90s violent video game controversies.

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