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I think @Dezzy is absolutely right. We already know about Xenoblade and Animal Crossing - which alone is like the entire year for me, my God what great games to look forward to! - But also most likely we'll start getting more 2020 info in December or January. More likely January because they don't want to push people off of their holiday spending for Christmas presents and such.

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I'm going to go with November or February for the next 2020 news but less info than the February 2019 Direct gave us about 2019. We know a lot less about 2020 than we knew about 2019 at this point last year but on the other hand we have Smash.

I could see Nintendo release Luigi's Mansion 3 and then about a week or so later have a general Direct which would showcase some 2020 stuff including fighter 5 for the Fighters Pass and spotlight Pokemon Sword/Shield given we still don't know much about that game, finish off with a Smash video about Terry Bogard and the 6.0 update. Then Nintendo's promotion after Pokemon Sword/Shield launch is a range of games present in the Direct.

In a different outcome I could see a Pokemon Direct happening then instead, Smash being a video like with Hero for Terry Bogard/6.0 and fighter 5 announced at the Game Awards. Then Nintendo promotes Smash with the odd promotion for TMS and Animal Crossing every so often until February.


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It'll be Nintendo's year, until the PS5 launches in November 2020.

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