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I hate the new website design and I don't mean I'm not used to it and that's the reason why I don't like it. The old design was perfect, I don't understand why they changed it for... this.

This design is not comfortable for reading, it reminds me a lot of the new Ign design. I stopped reading Ign and came here because Nintendo Life was so easy to read, yet the design was high quality and everything was tidied up. Now Nintendo Life is just another "modern" website difficult to read. This is the worst change you could have done, just because other websites did this it doesn't mean you were worse.

I just wanted to say, my comment above is not against Nintendo Life nor Anthony. Anthony is a nice guy that has always replied to me kindly and he's a great web developer, I just don't like how you changed the design to be similar to other websites. Some may think it's nice and new, but my honest opinion is that it's more difficult to read, the scrolling is worse, the popping sections are annoying, I could stand this on a tablet but not on a desktop. The huge white and brilliant blue sections hurt my eyes. On the other hand, your former website design was more elegant, easier to read, easier to navigate, easier on the eyes. It was so easy to stay tuned here on Nintendo Life! You could considerate going back with some modern elements and bring Nintendo Life users the best of both designs, although I'm fan of the old one. Mix a great website design with Thomas's optimism and you get a drug you want to take everyday.

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I really don't like the navigation bar of Nintendo Life continuously reappearing while browsing!!

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Actually, this site is now worse than IGN. IGN still has decent navigation with side bars, and isn't deeply rooted in googleapis. NL is now about as worse as the ad websites it shows.


As said before, the new design is not comfortable at all. I would prefer articles being listed one by one rather then being spread out.



Agreed. As someone who enjoys web design casually, I despise modern UI design.

Just because there is more on screen doesn't mean the UI is "uglier". It means that it's far easier to navigate, as every option isn't hidden. Google is probably the worst proliferator of this asinine model. I'm a reasonably computer savvy person, so when I can't find the settings button in gmail, there is a problem.

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@SuperWiiU: @Zennock: @iKhan: Thank you everybody for saying your opinions. I'm sure many more people don't like it but they fear saying it would give a bad impression, but that's not true if your intentions are good. That's why I go lots of "love" on my comment below the "new design" article but few people really complained.

It's true that some of these "modern" designs, that I prefer to call minimalistic (or online pamphlets), is that you can't find things, because everything seems to be hidden. Talking about Nintendo Life in particular, I hate that all the stuff is spread out but also repeated (latest, most popular, etc.), so you see the same entries up to four times, while for seeing news from yesterday you have to click on "show more" because of the repeated entries occupying the whole space. I also hate when you are reading and you slightly scroll up that huge ugly navigation bar appears. and hides the text.

I really don't like the navigation bar of Nintendo Life continuously reappearing while browsing!!

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