Topic: Mix one Nintendo game with a different game.

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Which two games would you put together one has to be a Nintendo game and the other can be anything.

For example Kirby in Grand Theft Auto and the game could be called Grand Theft Auto 6: Episodes of Kirby or something



The legend of Zelda and assassins cre- oh wait.

Anyway, Mr @Dr_dreads it has come to our attention you you have been creating too many threads lately. Could you please tone it down a bit?


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@Dr_dreads I would combine Animal Crossing with Stardew Valley and have the broad farm building and town building aspect combined. I'd keep AC's real world clock and Stardew Valley's crazy profitable framing. You'd be able to custom create your own animal villager instead of being the only human in a town of animals, and you'd be able to marry like in Stardew. The game would also be compatible with all Amiibo ever released, and every one would give you special items from their source game - but these items would also be rarely obtainable in-game without amiibo.

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Oh another idea is - I would throw Pokemon into my previous idea. Pokemon Crossing Valley.

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Kid Icarus X Bayonetta

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1. Animal Crossing X Animal Boxing
2. Super Mario Kingdom Builders
3. DDR Nintendo Mix
4. Para Para Mariodise
5. Nintendo's Next Top Model
6. Cooking Mario: Dinner at Mushroom Kingdom
7. Final Fantasy Mushroom Kingdom Chronicles
8. Kurikin : Nano Island Story Rebooted.
9. Gardening Peach
10. Mario Mystery Dungeon

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1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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Donkey Kong √ó Yooka-Laylee = Donkey Kong and Yooka-Laylee's Adventure (the game supervised by Nintendo) ūüėä

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Warriors everything (or... Super Smash Warriors?)

Also am I the only one who wants a Mario/Sonic platformer crossover?

At least 2'8".


Half Life 3 gets released. In the game you use the Borealis to teleport to the Combine homeworld. After fighting your way through their defenses you find Kirby is the leader of the Combine empire.



@Morpheel My bad sorry. Its just I like to make lots of weird topics



Smash Bros x Mario, where a bunch of Nintendo franchises come together for some crazy mario-style platformer. A man can dream!

Nice >:]

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Mother 2 and Mother 3. In the west.
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