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Why does Potato Salad and Mighty No. 9(the ultimate disappointment of 2016) get money and people like me who can't even afford school get nothing?



@NIN10DOXD Brand recognition? Also, a lot of people will donate for perks too. I guess it depends on the product (in the case of Shovel Knight), but having a recognized name (MN9, Gunvolt, Yooka-Laylee, etc.) certainly helps.



Are you giving people a possible product? I mean if I give money to your crowdfunding campaign (I am assuming it's the one you have linked in your signature) what am I going to get in return?

Yeah Mighty Number 9 might be having its problems, but it's the promise of said game that I will be getting.

Yours you will supposedly will be going to school, how do I know you won't be using the money for some kind of wild party?

Edit: Yep after reading your description now I can see why.

And because of the that you have deserved a Zoidberg


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I'd imagine most people would be reluctant to give money to a stranger on sites like GoFundMe, and would instead prefer to donate to an official charity if they were feeling charitable.

Kickstarter is different since people want to make the final product a reality, and donators can get something in return.

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