Topic: Is Nintendo becoming the new SEGA ?

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I don’t know what you guys are thinking, Atari VCS: Kinectimals Edition is the real winner.

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Zidentia wrote:

Anti-Matter wrote:

"Why have a game streaming service for people who don't want to invest in hardware when the next generation of smart TVs and Tablets potentially have more horsepower than the PS4 anyways?"

I don't even want a tablet / iphone / smartphone / smart TV with more power.
They are DEFINITELY 100% NOT a gaming device for me.
For me, No Physical games = No Buy.

I wish people would realize that streaming, at its very essence, is RENTING games not owning them. I can buy a physical game and use it forever, resell it or give it to someone. You cannot do this with streaming. Why let the corporations screw you for profits when you have a right to vote with your money?

Good job both of you for taking the point I was making entirely out of context. Here I was saying that game streaming, which at it's core is about renting hardware on a server, isn't the way forward. Then I dare to use the increasing power of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs as examples of where we're more likely to be heading. Why render games on a server farm when your "low powered" devices can do a good enough job locally.

But you guys, obsessed with the physical media debate, have to make it about ownership of games. I wasn't even talking about this. I was taking about the hardware and why from a technological perspective there isn't really any need for streaming. I was saying that there's no reason to stream games when your low powered devices won't be "low powered" going forward. Stuck in your anti-digital loop you have a cry about this idea and actually end up trying to argue with me. Me, the person trying to crap on the idea of streaming. You'd rather have a streaming service where you don't own the hardware either than a PS5 in your TV? No, no you would not.

Hey, do you know that it's actually possible to have a cartridge slot on a tablet? Crazy I know. There's this thing called the Switch which is basically a tablet device with a cartridge slot on the top. Not only this but it has rails on the side which allow you attach and detach physical controls. I also hear there are these things called "external optical drives" which allow you to read optical media on devices that aren't game consoles. Imagine that, reading optical media on a device plugged into your TV which is now essentially a computer.

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to answer the question. "no"



Why would you even ask that?! NO.


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