Topic: How friendly are the newer Pokemon games to old schoolers?

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I haven't played a Pokemon game since platinum, but I was thinking about getting back into it. (X and Y probably) However, my favorite generation of Pokemon is without a doubt generation 1, and the new look of everything turns me off a little. Will I still enjoy the new games? Are older regions of Pokemon in the game? Any reply is appreciated.



You should still be able to enjoy the game. X and Y had the smallest amount of new Pokemon added out of all the games so you should recognize a lot of them. There are also Pokemon from generation 5 which you might not recognise so there would probably a few extra "new" pokemon for you. The story (well at least to me) was real simple and boring and probably the worst plot out of any Pokemon game. The post game after the elite 4 is VERY minimal. I find that you can adjust to the new visuals and actually enjoy them for what they are, it just takes some getting used to. The region is pretty big and each route is slightly different instead of here's 7 routes with grass and trees that look the same.

Even though I make the games sound terrible they are actually good, but different. It's one of those Pokemon generations that adds so many features that it's going to have problems. Luckily a lot has been fixed in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Speaking of Omega ruby and Alpha sapphire, I think that would be worth trying before X and Y. It has a lot of what makes Pokemon good from the older generations while also giving you time to get used to and appreciate the new features and visuals (All of X and Y's features are in OrAs).

Sorry for writing so much! Hopefully you can decide on what you would like, Pokemon has changed a lot by adding new features and improving the graphics but it's the same at it's heart. Even if your squirtle becomes a blastoise, it will still have a shell. ....sorry for the Pokemon metaphor...



@Kimyonaakuma Woah I just realised that I've basically written a book up there ^ , I'm really sorry!



@Dag0528 I really enjoyed Pokemon X and Y and I didn't play a pokemon game since third generation before those. It felt quite fresh since you get to visit a new Region which by the way feels quite different from others and I really liked many of the new pokemon designs. I have to warn you that you are forced to have "friends" that are quite annoying and that the evil team in this game is a bit lame in my opinion, but they are quite small cons and I still play the game quite a lot to this day, specially because of the online battles. By the way... don't go near a guy with a pink suit. If you do, just remember I warned you...

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I think from X/Y to ORAS will be the better plan. X/Y will interduce you to the current version of Pokemon, and the new Pokemon. It might be simplier story than most Pokemon games but it will be a good place to start. ORAS has more detail in just about everything and more content, however it might be all a little too overwhelming since you haven't played Pokemon in a while. X/Y still worth it to experience and enjoy.

I have played X/Y about 3 times.

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It's exactly the same. ORAS had the most quality of life improvements to date—who knows about Sun and Moon—with the first change to catching pokemon in grass since the series' inception.

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