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I'm just curious how much of your time is dedicated to gaming and how do you guys find time to indulge in this sweet sweet hobby. I'm assuming we're all from different walks of life, cultures, countries etc and can't spend as much time as we would like gaming. How do you manage your work, family life, relationships and other hobbies to fit in some game time? I currently took some time off work so it's a bit easier for me now but still can't game as much as I would like with other stuff cutting my time. I took this week off, played only a bit yesterday for a couple of hours. I'd like to hear from people who have their own kids and family especially on how they do it

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I play at work as i half an hour lunch, first half hour is game, second half hour is eating (Except fridays, when i give myself the full hour). I used to play on my 3DS and said that even though Switch is portable i would still play on the 3DS. HA! that lasted two days, now play on my switch at my desk.
At home my wife works every other Saturday, so i get to play then.
No kids so that isn't a problem for me
When i got my Wii U i took the week off to play on it, some people would find that sad but hey!
Right now i'm at work and i check this site about once an hour for news.

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Get a divorce and live as a hermit.

Or be sufficiently young AND have disposable cash.



It's easy, just turn away from all your problems and responsibilities and indulge in gaming for as many hours as you want.

Or, play from 12 am to 6 am. Scientists say that sleeping is overrated.

Or both!

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My dead channel.

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@RickD I'm both of those things and I think that's part of the problem

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By having a boring life.

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i game in the car and during lunch or dinner



Mon-Fri I've set aside about an hour in the morning for gaming. Then it's off to work. Once back home I tend to watch TV (Currently Stargate SG-1 and Gilligan's Island). On the weekends I tend to do most of my gaming, save for whatever needs to be done around the house. Also, if there's a movie I can watch that weekend I'll allow it to cut into my gaming time, I'm generous like that

Currently the morning hours go to Animal Crossing New Leaf, and the weekends to Elder Scrolls Online and Mario Odyssey. I also tend to play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on my breaks, and am hoping that there will be connectivity between it and the Switch version. Now if Nintendo could have just announced that in their Direct today I would have been a happy camper

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Bunkerneath wrote:

No kids so that isn't a problem for me

You can almost feel the immense amount of joy radiating from this sentence.



Been playing less recently as life gets real. Not even that sad about it honestly though.

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RickD wrote:

Get a divorce and live as a hermit.

Or be sufficiently young AND have disposable cash.

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


I don’t find time for gaming. Most of my spare time consists of adding games to my backlog...



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well my former girlfriend broke up with me so i have plenty of time now

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Monday - Friday: I get about 4 hours before having to go to work, so after getting ready for the day (which takes about 30 minutes) I have about 2 1/2 hours of TV time (playing XC2 currently), then I spend the last hour eating lunch and doing other bits & bobs before going in.

After work I usually get another 1 1/2 - 2 hours in, depending on what the family's watching.

Weekends: Not really sure the exact amount, but I'm on and off the Switch throughout the day.

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Sinton wrote:

I don’t find time for gaming. Most of my spare time consists of adding games to my backlog...

Ditto, and amen to that, brother ✌

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I make time for it. Usually in the evening I get a few hours to myself and I may use that time to play games or watch something on tv. I have several systems through out the house so if like for example the main tv is in use or my son is playing the PS4 I got something to play on the SNES Classic or Switch or whatever.

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I'm a single 33 years old guy, still live with my Mom , my Auntie and my siblings, so i have quite enough time for playing.

Monday - Friday : Usually can play my games from 7 PM until 12 AM. The games i play depend on my mood. If i'm really Hyped with certain games, i will play those games frequently.

Saturday - Sunday : No Working time, i have more Hours to spend on gaming. But usually i still have my Drawing projects on my computer so i must plan what time i draw on PC, what time i can play.

On Sunday, i usually go to Arcade Centre TimeZone to play Dance Dance Revolution X2, MaiMai from SEGA, Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix for 2 - 3 hours by average. Then, i continue to visit my local Game shop. Sometimes i bring my PS4 games and if there is a chance, i can borrow the shop owner PS4 to play my PS4 games for 1.5 - 2 hours since i still haven't own PS4 machine.

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I'm at my last year at school so I have a decent amount of time. I have time in the morning (usually) but I keep that reserved for mobile games (FE Heroes and Animal Crossing), because they're fast to quit or pause for when I take the train.
I usually have the house to myself an hour or two before my Mum/Mom/YouKnowWhatIMean comes home, so that's some prime gaming time! However she plays BotW, Odyssey and Sonic Mania so I have to keep her spoiler free. So I can't play those until later in the day when she's back from work or she's got further than me, but that hasn't happened yet...

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are good times, usually between 9pm-2/3am but I have to use headphones so my neighbours don't have to listen Unfortunately where I live the walls are paper thin!
I'd say that having a minimal social life and not needing to study too much helps, but that's what works for me. It probably wouldn't work for others and it will change when I finish school in May/June.
So I guess I'll have to see how things change. I'm still expecting to have time, just maybe less because of my studies and/or job...



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