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Today is Donkey Kong's 35th anniversary, as July 9 was when the arcade game released in Japan first.

Donkey Kong was arguably the first game that put Nintendo on the map. Shigeru Miyamoto was the designer of Donkey Kong until Rareware took over to reboot the series with a new design for DK in which he has looked that way since. Donkey Kong eventually became a series with DK. Jr., DK3, Donkey Kong '94, the Donkey Kong Country series, DK64, and more.

This thread is about recalling memories of these influential games. Personally, these games are very special, the DKC trilogy and DK64 in particular. I didn't play Donkey Kong the arcade game until I played it in Donkey Kong 64. Otherwise, there's just the NES version that I have on Wii VC and a Dave & Buster's two hours away that has a DK arcade cabinet that I know of. It was a very tough game for me, mainly because of 75m. It's gotten easier as I got older.



For me, Jungle Beat is Donkey Kongs finest hour. It is one of the most playable, fun platformers ever...and you control it with bongos!!! I remember getting so addicted to high score challenges and combo hunting. LOVED IT!

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Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda were designed by Donkey Kong's designer Shigery Miyamoto, that's probably why I love those games as much as Donkey Kong!!!


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