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I sort of miss the feel of flicking through a magazine.
Magazines such as Linux Format and Android Magazine are what am into these days I also used to buy Xbox/Ps4 magazines as and when they used to catch my eye.

These days I'll buy the odd magazine, depending on my mood and if there is something that interests me in it, such as the release of the latest copy of Retro gamer which comes with a free copy of a Super play magazine has caught my eye.

As for Digital Media Distribution

I spend all day working in front of a screen, then on the phone and then on the tablet not ideal for the eyes. When I have time for recreational reading (in my case these days, more books than magazines), the last thing I want to do is stare at a screen. I want to get comfortable with something that isn’t shining a light back into my face.

These days I get my news from a dedicated gaming Web site such this one, for workout techniques, and other sites.

Which side of the spectrum do you guys fall on is it Digital Media or Paper Media?

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While the news paper on the breakfast table is a must imo, I haven't bought a single paper magazine in years (outside a study I did on the representation of men in women-centric magazines and women in men-centric magazines), especially videogame related ones. Back in the day, I used to buy one Nintendo-centric and two non-console specific magazines. They were purchased for like one or two years alongside my fletching consumption of online media before all their contents began to feel rather outdated to me. That, coupled with my desire to consume any sort of media in english only, ultimately killed my interest in gaming-related paper media entirely.

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Digital Media is really comfortable, but i´m not happy with digital only stuff. Sadly i don´t buy magazines that often maybe 2-3 times a Year and than it´s the Retro Gamer. But i do Buy Books and Comics and i wouldn´t change it.



I do still like to flick through magazines, I have two subscribed actually, Nintendo Force, which has been featured on this site and one non-video game related. I did get the Official Nintendo Magazine when it was still a thing, again UK, but that went belly up. It's a useful way to look back at games that maybe fell under the radar that you wouldn't necessarily choose to view on a website. I've found some hidden gems this way.



Depend on what kind of magazine.

If about gaming, I don't need any game magazine anymore, practically I can burn all game magazines into ashes due tons of Rated M inside, cropping out specific interesting games info. Right now, I just only depend on this site for upcoming Nintendo games. I just only want to know about Appropriate games, I denied all Rated M games, to the hell all of them.

But if about Bodybuilder.....
I want it in Physical magazine as long there are some interesting looking and pose of bodybuilders.

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I get Edge, RetroGamer and GamesTM every month as a subscriber.



I haven't bought a magazine in over 10 or so years now. Once I figured out that I can just get all the info I want much more easily online, I dropped them. There's a reason why the magazine industry is slowly dieing off.


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depends on what kind were talkin bout here

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As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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Yep, Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, Sport Rider and Fine Woodworking are my staples. I get game informer but that is just because of the the pro rewards thing.

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@zitpig are you a digital subscriber or you still get the paper trail. @ogo79 depends on how naughty your thoughts are lol.😆

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@Horsemeat - Paper all the way! I want to keep physical copies of RetroGamer, but I give away Edge and GamesTM to a person I work with (mental health patient), who really appreciates them.

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@zitpig EDGE is a good read perhaps on a train journey games™ yeah I used to but not now not enough hours in the day.

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