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This is probably the most off-topic post EVER, but what exactly is the backstory of these characters? WHY do they have springy arms (mutation, surgery or is everyone like that?) and is there a backstory? Will we ever see an ARMS fanfiction on Wattpad? What do you think is a good ship (romantic coupling) out of the ten (eleven if you include Max Brass) characters (Biff?)

For me, I can't exactly say what would be a good coupling (backstory might help here) but I could say Ninjara and Min Min (which makes them Nin Min). What do you think?

(Edit: I've been browsing the internet and found THREE pieces of art on Spring Man x Ninjara [Springjara?] and one on Kid Cobra x Spring Man [Cobra Man? Spring Kid? WHAT?!] Nothing else. Rainbowroll49 over and out.)

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Eh... Dhalsim from Street Fighter was the Earlier of Stretching Arms fighter.

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