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What game will keep me playing it for the longest time, Majora's Mask, Kid Icarus: Uprising or Animal Crossing New Leaf?



Depends on the kind of gamer you are honestly, but I am guessing since you mentioned all three of these then you are fairly interested in all them. Which in that case then probably animal crossing since it technically doesn’t end and can be highly addicting.

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Animal Crossing New Leaf.
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Yup, MORE than 1,500 hours.

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I've played all of those games and surprise, I spend the most hours with Kid Icarus Uprising. It's one of the few games I reached 101% with. It's a nice game to complete. However I also played the online mode a lot with the NintendoLife community but obviously that site is pretty abandoned now. If you're looking for an entertaining adventure game Kid Icarus Uprising is a great pick.

Though Animal Crossing is the game that most people keep playing the longest, and their community is very much alive. So if you're looking for a nice casual game and you want something to no life to death, animal crossing is it.

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To echo others, if Animal Crossing interested you enough to stack against the other two, then that would be the biggest bang for your buck. Majora's Mask is fantastic, but I think to get the most out of it you need to collect all the masks. That will take you to some really great side stories. But once it's done, it's done. The time mechanism serves the game well, but doesn't lend itself to much post-game exploration. I never play Kid Icarus Uprising, so I can't comment on that.


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Thank you all! I originally wanted to decide only between Uprising and Majora's, but then Isabelle got announced for smash and AC got announced for Switch and everyone started talking about how many hours they spent on New Leaf, and it is also now a Ninendo Select so it's cheaper, so I'll probably pick it up if I'm going to buy a new game. I am also very intersted in that kind of games, and I bought Fantasy Life because I thought it is similar to AC but "unfortunately" it was an RPG.



@ReaderRagfish I don't want another RPG, I'm getting bored of those and I never continue playing them after I finish the main story.



@CyberCat05 You do realize this is the wrong section for this. This section is for suggestions for the website not for games.

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@Tasuki Woops, my bad. I'm very new to this site.


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