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I searched PS4, XBOX for exercise, but Nintendo wins for the most variety and fun exercise games. I don't think I'll be switching to another console soon, because I love the exercise games on my Wii U. I love my Wii Fit U, and Walk It Out games. There is no equal on other consoles.

I wonder if you would created another Wii Fit U game, and consider adding an exercise bike game to the Wii U?

The theme for the bike game could be Pokemon, or Lego. Pokemon (collect creatures), or Lego (collect bricks for building something). Make the graphics nice please, and please allow free play/exploration.

Lego Worlds with a bike.
Can you make a multiplayer Lego Worlds so we could chat/compete quests while riding?'

A better version of Cyberbike

  • better graphics, story, quests
    submarine, roller coaster, horseback riding

How about a tour of Nintendo games on the bike?
e.g. Mario bike race, Zelda on horseback, Lego Star Wars as a spy bot, Lego City (complete missions on bike), Animal Crossing on a bike (running errands to collect coins to use in game), Disney Infinity, Splatoon with a bike roller, Lego Jurassic Park (as tourist with that bike explorer), etc.

I think it would be so fun while exercising!
Thanks for reading this.



Sorry, this is not actually Nintendo, it's a fan site with Nintendo in the name.

You might want to contact them at


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Ok thanks



I doubt Nintendo will be making anymore games for the Wii U after Zelda.

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