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I was rating some old games and discovered that a significant minority of them won't accept new ratings. You can give them a rating, but when you refresh the page, the number of ratings and average score (even when there are very few) is unchanged. I tried creating a second account to see if something was wrong with mine, but no, the particular games in question won't accept ratings. I happened to be rating Game Boy games at the time, so my examples are among them, but I doubt it's unique to Game Boy games. Other people can test this by rating one of them, then checking to see if it counted it. Here are the ones I found and the number of ratings they are stuck on:

Catrap 39
QIX 52
Picross 2 24
Balloon Kid 60
Double Dragon 60
Avenging Spirit 29
Lock 'N Chase 16
Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure 18
Motocross Maniacs 40
Trip World 26
Golf 49
Faceball 2000 23
Quarth 35
Adventure Island II 33
Sword of Hope II 16
James Bond 007 30
Castlevania Legends 54
Tennis 60
Pac-Man 34
Mortal Kombat II 31
Adventure Island 52
Radar Mission 20

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@Chrysologus Are you talking about the rating score you can assign to games on your NL profile games' page? You can use the contact button in the red banner below to ask staff. antdickens will likely reply.

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Yes, the rating you can give to every game on its own page, and they also show up on your profile in your "collection." I'll try to contact them. Thanks!

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@Chrysologus thanks for spotting it - that should now be fixed. All your scores will have been recorded, just the averages not updated. They will update the next time your score is changed (or someone else rates the game).

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@antdickens Thanks, that did it!

There are still a couple Japanese exclusive games that won't accept ratings, such as Picross 2 (Game Boy). I think Final Fantasy V also won't accept new scores.

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@antdickens The only two games I've found that still are "locked" are the original Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda.

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