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Hi everyone. I've just bought a Nintendo Switch for my 11 year old son for Christmas (early I know! But they're selling out fast!) I've just got the console and 1 game at the moment. But I wondered if there was anything else I need equipment wise to maximise the console?



Congratulations !

First thing to do is Apply Screen Guard on Switch monitor to avoid scratches on the monitor. This is very important so must be done now.

Second, give a Thin case or Clear case for Switch to avoid scratches on Joy Cons or Switch tablet body.

Third, If you want to buy more Switch games in the future, try to buy the Switch box case that can hold until 24 cartridges.

Fourth, a Power Bank and USB cable type C, so your son can play Switch longer while the system is being charged.

Fifth, if your son likes to apply some stickers to beautify the Switch's looking, apply the stickers on backside of Switch tablet body, cover with Clear case skin, so he can see his favorite stickers attached on Switch body. Make sure the stickers are not too sticky.

Happy playing. Hopefully your son can enjoy his first Switch games.

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