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Why is Nintendo Life publishing news articles that only exist to divide the community?

It's obvious articles like this are not about Nintendo. Nintendo games are full of diversity - if people are willing to think out of their human centric box.
The comments just devolve into race talk, totally nothing to do with Nintendo.

It seems NL knows this will happen because the first comment is

"Just a friendly note to say that we shall be monitoring comments closely – please remember to be respectful when speaking to others in the Nintendo Life community. If you have nothing productive or positive to bring to the conversation, you’re not obliged to comment."

Well what about the article author? If they have nothing productive or positive to bring to the conversation - then don't write the article in the first place?
Really everyone is should be allowed to have their say - feeedom of speech, the article author and the comment section. Even those comments that you do not agree with. Seems this is not the case.

Then after a while the comments section is closed:
"Okay, it’s closing time in this part of the world, so we’ll be TEMPORARILY locking the comments until tomorrow morning. Thank you to everyone who contributed their thoughts and opinions in a reasonable and respectful manner."

So what's the point?
A divisive article that is only thinly veiled with just enough Nintendo talk to be on NL but the core points are nothing to do with Nintendo. Then after a while you close the article, so you can remove comments you do not agree with.

Why do these articles even exist?
Is it for a quick revenue and page hit increase? As these divisive articles do generate a lot of comments?
Or is it some other reason? It's not about talk on Nintendo.

What does everyone else think about this?
I'd really like to hear your opinions on this.

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"Why do these articles even exist?"
Lots and lots and lots of clicks and traffic.
Although it was labeled "Soap Box", not "News".
"A soapbox is a raised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu speech, often about a political subject." so the Wikipedia definition.

And personally, i'm fine with these topics in general as long as they are clearly labeled as just that, political grandstanding.
At this point, there is almost no way to avoid it either. Niche enthusiast news sites about just that and nothing else have become rather rare.
And the general reaction to community feedback (besides the most obvious trolls and clowns) is also rather similar across the board.

It is something we simply have to live with i think ¯(ツ)


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Let's use the contact form next time instead of trying to "divide the community" in the forums.

If you wish to try and have this thread reopened, using the contact form would also be the better idea.

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