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Hey guys, I was thinking of an idea for pokemon. If Nintendo NX succeeds, maybe pokemon can throw a celebration by adding Mario as an event pokemon or something. Well, here is the idea.


Type: Normal
HP: 100
ATK: 100
DEF: 100
SPATK: 100
SPDEF: 100
SPE: 100

Ability: Power-Up

The new exclusive ability is Power Up, an ability similar to Greninja's Protean. If you use a move like Power Up: Fireball, Mario's ability will activate and he will change form into Fire Mario, who is obviously a fire type. If Mario gets hit, he will lose his typing and return to his regular form, like taking damage from an anemy from the regular mario game.

Here is a list of moves:

Power-up Fireball: Fire
Power-up Iceball: Ice
Power-up Hammer: Steel
Power-up Propeller: Flying
Power-up Statue: Rock (Only used if Mario is in Tanooki form)
Power-up Tanooki Swing: Grass
Power-up Frog Jump: Water
Power-up Boomerang: Fighting
Power-up Star: Fairy

Well, that is my idea for Pokemon to have. How is it?

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