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I just remembered a game I used to LOVE as a kid on ds I believe. It's something like you feed and give water to the dog and also change its clothing like ribbons or collars. You can take it out for a walk but you need to roll a dice either in your lil town or to the city where the merry go round is. To buy food you also had to roll a right number to get to the pet store and such. I've been searching for hours an I'm starting to think I'm crazy but I remember playing this with a small wiener looking little bit fluffy, brown dog. I hope you respond or anyone does cause I am desperate



@Anti-Matter is familiar with the different dog games, so hopefully he can help now that I’ve tagged him.

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Could it be one of Ubisoft's Dogz games?

@HobbitGamer : I wag my finger disapprovingly at the cynic in you while simultaneously applauding your brilliance.

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I’m sure it isn’t a dogz game. It’s art style is kind of like anime but it involves a board game that allows you to go to the store



Kaygrace wrote:

I’m sure it isn’t a dogz game. It’s art style is kind of like anime but it involves a board game that allows you to go to the store

Is this the game ?

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hii,, maybe Dogz Fashion for the GBA



Hey!! I have been SCOWERING the internet and i thought i was losing my mind and remembering a game wrong until i found your comment. i remember everything you are describing but for the life of me cannot find the game! it is not dogz, dogz 2, or nintendogs. i cannot remember much else besides the board game walking aspect being my favorite. i know this post is a couple years old, did you ever figure it out?

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UPDATE:: IT HAS BEEN LIKE TEN MINUTES AND I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! Here is a link to a video of someone playing the exact game: Turns out it is the GBA version of Dogz Fashion, which makes so much sense because i remember using the gameboy cartridge in my ds. I really hope you see this because i have been searching for hours and never felt more joy than when i finally found it



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