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I purchased a 3DS from someone the other day with some games. Once of the game cases had this unrelated item in it. It looks like a little adapter of some sort. It says Nintendo DS (Original) on the adapter. On one end, it looks like a Game Boy Advance cartridge. On the other end, it has a slot where something else would go. I have pictures, but it doesn't look like there is anywhere on here I can put them. It is all black. Any idea what this thing is?



@meatball81 Pokemon Stadium Transfer Pak or "GBA Hunter" [?].

Pictures in this thread...

The guy who posted the picture of the black adapter in the photo says it was called the "GBA Hunter" but at this point, who knows?

Hang on, I just read through the first post says "DS" on it? Then, no idea.

...potentially you might have some kind of prototype...if I were you I'd hang on to it until you can get it identified (although, thinking about it, if it's got "Original" on it then it's most likely anything but... (...original))

I just ran this search: "DS GBA slot accessories" and it comes up with this...

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Pretty sure you're describing a flash cart. There are many which are visually the same as a GBA cart (such as the one i have), and many have slots in the top for a mini- or micro-SD card.

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I know this is a very old thread, but I found it through Google while trying to identify the same item - so, hopefully this helps someone with this problem in the future.

What you have is nothing nearly as interesting as a prototype, or even a flash cart for that matter. It is, in fact, an adapter to allow you to use the Guitar Hero On Tour "guitar grip" peripheral with the original DS (rather than the DS Lite).



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