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Huh, neat. I especially like the part where I last updated before I was even born. ;p

Too bad I can't remember my PSN ID... It's either Kujo1229 or Kujo1597, I'll have to check it tonight. I'm guessing Kujo1229 because the 1597 thing is a more recent thing.

I stuck my Tiwtter account in there but I really don't recammend following me. I use it far faaar too much.

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Geonjaha wrote:

Aviator wrote:

Very nice Ant.

I do have one question, why is the codes only limited to 3DS/Nintendo ID/Twitter.

Surely we could have PSN's, Live stuff and steam.

If you mean why wont it appear on the sigs then I think you're asking too much from a site called Nintendolife (you can still just put it in yourself). :3

It's not called twitterlife either.


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I like the new changes!

So there's more fancy NLife updates in the near future?

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Nice move, Ant.
Thank you

Best place to hang out on a dull day? Nintendolife.


I just went to change my status message and saw that it was updated
Pretty sweet, keep up the good work guys.


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Just a little note — for the XBL gamertag entry, i'm not able to put in my correct gamertag. My gamertag on XBL has a space in it ("the Shpydar" — you don't need to use underscores on XBL), but the entry won't allow for spaces. Don't know if that's something that can be fixed or not, but thought i'd let ya know.

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@ant and @theblackdragon. Sorry, I forgot to say I was using the 3DS browser. I thought I put that in my earlier post. So on the 3DS browser only 8/12 digits show up.
On my profile, when I use the 3DS, the last 4 digits of my Fc appear to be covered by the link to my backlog. And when I view @antdickens profile there are only 8 digits showing, even though its on the right, not the left.

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This is awesome just set up my new profile.



That's a good feature you added, Ant I like it

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To each their own


Awesome update is awesome!



It's cool and all but the some of the stuff is a little hard to understand, like what is backloggery or what is a Nintendo Network ID. The description thing is ok but some of the other stuff like the age or real name is a bit too personal to reveal. It is still otherwise cool.



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