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Perhaps this is an obvious question but I want to buy some Amiibo for Hyrule Warriors. I much prefer Toon Link to Normal Link but does each Link unlock things differently or do they act the same?

Likewise does the Super Smash Bowser function differently (what games they work on, what they unlock) from the Super Mario Bowser? What about Bowser Jr?

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Toon Link works the same as Link for Hyrule Warriors. The Bowser amiibos work the same as each other (as far as I know), but Bowser Jr. is a separate character.

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Thanks for that, Toon Link and Adult and Jr Bowser it is then!

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I think certain amiibos generally overlap, but for the most part they mostly do their own thing.
I know Mario characters' Smash amiibo work the same as the Super Mario ones for Mario Party 10, but that's about it.
I think you also need either* Link amiibo for the Spinner in HW as any other amiibo gets you materials and rupees.
Also certain games will erase amiibo data to store new data, but I believe only MP10 does that so far. Still, watch out.

*Corrected by another post.

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@ZeroZX-Dev: That's very interesting, I've ordered a Toon Link and Super Mario Bowser (and Bowser Jr) so I'll see what happens. I think that deep down, I'm just trying anything to avoid that yellow tube with Link!

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I noticed on Hyrule Warriors that the Ganon Amiibo will give weapons specificly for Ganon in the game. Although I haven't got Zelda, I would asume her Amiibo would do the same.

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I actually got a Toon Link amiibo so I would not have to open my regular Link.

When I used Zero Suit Samus in MK8, it actually gave me the Samus Mii suit.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


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