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Hi all

I collect amiibos (just got a little colle tion of 16-17 or something like that) and there are some amiibos I really want but can't find anywhere. Funny though because 'rare' ones like Lucina (which I dont really want) are easy to find in my country. The amiibo that I really want the most is Sonic. But no stores or webshops in my country still have them and I doubt if they will be restocked. Now after some searching I found out that some amiibos not available to buy in my country are on amazon. I've never bought something from amazon and I see that they have many different sellers with different prices for the same product. My question now is though.. is it safe to buy items like these from amazon? Because its so weird that they have rare amiibos for sale while I cant find them ANYWHERE else. Do some people here have experience with buying amiibos from amazon?


P.S. Sorry if my English isn't 100% correct, it's not my native language.



I've had great experiences. Keep in mind that I open all of my amiibos so I may not have noticed if the package was dented.
Just make sure you don't buy from a just launched account and if it seems to cheap it's likely a scam. Use your head and you will be fine.

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Your choices are Amazon if you see it in time or eBay but watch out for scalpers and deals to good to be true.



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