Topic: What do you do when you have 2 3ds's?

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I get what you meant by that, but I originally interpreted it as the two screens being held… sideways…

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Play Mario Kart 7 with the grandkids using the older ones. (I have 3, I just upgraded to a new 3DS XL.)
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What I want to know is who has 2 2DS',

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@Haru17: I have had two. I gave the first one to my brother.

I currently keep the second one (transparent blue) as my back up console. Mostly for pokemon.


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Have your roommates who used to play Nintendo games play on your 3DS to get them back on your side


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Had an ambassador 3DS, migrated to an XL, then gave the original to my niece. Then I got a regular sized n3DS from the recent pokémon bundle.. I'm keeping the XL for now as an extra 3DS I can bring to work for resetting all the mythical pokémons we've been getting. I do prefer the n3DS tho, the weight is much lower, the screen is sharper and the 3D works way better.

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