Topic: VVVVVV coming to US eShop on December 29, 2011

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Damn you nintendo.

Its funny maybe its becuase its portable but I've bought more Nintendo DD than anything else.

Have the soundtrack so might as well check this out. Good to see Nicilas has learned from previous mistakes.


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I thought next weeks game would be Mutant Mudds considering it's been in the upcoming games list for as long as Might Switch Force, and that it's already finished.


At $8, isn't it the cheapest game Nicalis has ever put out on a Nintendo platform? Anyway, provided I get an eShop card for Xmas or my birthday, I'll definitely pick this one up as a belated birthday present for myself.

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I've played and beaten it already on the PC. $8 is just too much to repurchase it now, especially seeing as it's $5 on Steam (actually $1.24 for the Christmas sale right now).



I read in Nintendo Power this game has a level editor. I'm hoping for QR codes. Either way, day 1.

EDIT: Don't forget Bionic Commando comes out next week too. NOA must be feeling generous for once.

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Hmm, a level editor would be a nice addition though I'm still not sure if that alone would be worth the $8 price tag.



Unfortunately, it's pretty short. Takes about 2 hours to beat but then there are trinkets that you can go back and collect.



Beat it twice on the PC Might buy it again if it has a level editor and QR code sharing.

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I've played a bit from a friend's pc and I will definitely get this. Yeah, I could pay around $5 or less(its on sale) for the PC, but I like my games portable and a level editor is a plus. heres hoping for some QR code sharing.

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Is it really worth $8, though? Not sure yet. Companies really shouldn't price games this high unless there's a cartridge-worth amount of content.

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I would pay 8$ VVVVVV or atleast I will after I get Some of the other eShop games I want.

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