Topic: Upgrading to New 3DS XL worth it?

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I have had the regular 3ds from back when it was first released. I am planning to get into the fire emblem series on 3ds and I was thinking whether it was worth it to upgrade to the New 3DS XL since the bigger screen will be better visually.

I know the only exclusive for the new 3ds is Xenoblades but I will get that on the WII U virtual console since I definitely want the bigger screen for that game.

So my question would be, is it really worth it for me to upgrade to the New 3DS XL just for the Fire Emblem games? Should I just stick to the regular 3ds?




If your only reason for upgrading to a New 3DS is to have a larger screen, then don't bother. I don't know whether or not your interested in the exclusives the system has, but if your not, just pick up a regular 3DS XL.



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I think it's worth it. The internet runs faster which means games download faster. I have the NEW 3DS and i love it. Plus the NEW 3DS XL look nicer since now they come all in one color instead of black and red. Plus some games use the 2nd c-stick like Monster Hunter games if you're in to that. Xenoblade isn't the only exclusive for the NEW 3DS, there's Binding of Issac and the SNES games.

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I personally upgraded from a regular 3DS to a NEW 3DS XL and the change was drastic. it just provides a better, smoother gaming exprience. I even find playing older DS games better due to the big screens. and I love the design of the console, its less edgy than the regular 3DS and just feels better



@VoltageX that's what I am hoping that it would be like. so far there are no exclusives that I want to specifically play on the New 3DS. I will definitely play the fire emblem games, the new kirby, luigi's mansion and very possibly the new monster hunter generations (which will also be my first in the MH series)



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