Topic: Unable to connect to 3DS EShop on either of my 3DS devices

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I have a 3DS XL and a New 3DS XL in my possession. However, sometime during January, I realized I could not access the 3DS EShop on either one of them. Each time I attempt to launch the EShop, it loads for a couple seconds, then I see the error code 005-5964. I have attempted to launch EShop on both consoles on the same WiFi and the 3DS XL from another internet connection, to no avail. I am too lazy to set up the connection to the second spot, but I assume that the results will be the same. This is extremely frustrating, as I am prevented from performing an irritatingly large number of functions. I cannot update my games, so I cannot trade Pokemon or go into other ACNL towns, and have no way of purchasing 3DS games online. The fact that this is occurring on both is troubling, so if someone has been in a similar situation or can offer some advice, that would be really appreciated.


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